21 Unique Souvenirs from Fiji (Great Gifts for the Fam back home)

We like a nice fridge-magnet as much as the next guy but here’s a list of souvenirs from Fiji that will evoke your magical stay and make the memories rush back when you look at them years from now!

1. Traditional Fijian Crafts

Fijian weaving
Fiji Basket Weavers
  • Handwoven Baskets: Beautifully crafted baskets made from local materials.
  • Tapa Cloth: Traditional bark cloth with intricate designs, representing Fijian culture.

2. Fijian Pearls

Exquisite Jewelry: Dive into Fijian elegance with locally cultivated pearls turned into stunning necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.

3. Kava Bowls

Kava Bowl from History
Kava Bowl in action, 19th Century

Authentic Experience: Bring home a piece of Fijian tradition with intricately carved kava bowls, used in traditional ceremonies.

4. Fijian Sulu

Palace Guard wearing a Sulu
Palace Guard wearing a Sulu

Vibrant Sarongs: Colorful or plain, belted or tied, Fijian sarongs (sulus) make for fashionable and practical souvenirs.

5. Fiji Bula Shirts

Frank Bainimarama and Antonio Guterres wearing Bula Shirts
Frank Bainimarama and Antonio Guterres wearing Bula Shirts

Iconic Attire: Gift a vibrant Bula shirt, embodying the Fijian spirit with bold prints and cheerful colors.

6. Island-Infused Lotions

Fiji Lotions

Natural Skincare: Pamper your loved ones with Fijian-made lotions and oils infused with tropical ingredients.

7. Fijian Vanilla

Sweet Treat: Bring home the unique flavor of Fijian vanilla pods or extract for a culinary delight, or just but a bottle of Fijian Vanilla Essence from the local MH Supermarket!

8. Local Artwork

Fijian Artist Pauliasi Delaibatiki at Tagimoucia Gallery
Fijian Artist Pauliasi Delaibatiki at Tagimoucia Gallery

Island-Inspired Paintings: Support local artists and capture the essence of Fiji with hand-painted artworks.

9. Fijian Hot Sauce

Fiji Fire Hot Sauce

Spicy Delight: Add a kick to meals with Fijian hot sauce, often made from local chilies.

10. Wooden Handicrafts

Infamous Cannibal Forks (Flesh Fork, or Icula)
  • Carved Treasures: Wooden masks, statues, and utensils showcase Fijian craftsmanship and make distinctive gifts.
  • Infamous Cannibal Forks (Flesh Fork, or Icula): Mementos from the grisly past, these intricately-carved jabbers make for interesting conversation-pieces!
  • Tribal Weapons: Carved War Clubs like the Gata are awesome to hold and swing about (safely! in a safe environment far from heads!)

11. Fijian Coffee

Fiji Wild Coffee
Fiji Wild Coffee

Wake up to the flavours of Fiji with locally grown and roasted coffee beans.

12. Fijian-made Chocolate:

Sweet Indulgence: Handcrafted chocolates featuring tropical flavours make for delicious gifts.

13. Fiji-Made Clothing:

The Fijian Stretchable Bula Dress
The Fijian Stretchable Bula Dress

Fashion Forward: Look for stylish resort wear or casual attire designed and made in Fiji.

14. Fijian Hand Drum:

Musical Keepsake: Authentic Fijian hand drums or “lali” can bring a touch of the islands’ music to your home.

15. Fijian-Made Pottery

Go Local Fiji Tours Pottery
Go Local Fiji Tours Pottery

Artistic Homeware: Unique pottery pieces, from bowls to vases, showcasing local craftsmanship.

16. Fijian Language Books

My Fiji Store Local Language Children's Book
My Fiji Store Local Language Children’s Book

Learn Fijian: Gift books that teach the Fijian language, allowing your loved ones to connect with the culture.

17. Fijian-Made Candles

Pure Fiji Soy Candles
Pure Fiji Soy Candles

Ambient Glow: Scented candles inspired by Fijian fragrances create a serene atmosphere.

18. Fijian Sweets and Treats

My Fiji Store Mithai Family Sweets Pack
My Fiji Store Mithai Family Sweets Pack

Local Delicacies: Pack some traditional Fijian sweets, jams, or coconut treats for a taste of the islands.

19. Fijian Storytelling Mats

Cultural Narratives: Handwoven mats with traditional Fijian stories depicted through intricate designs.

20. Fiji-Made Ukulele

Fiji Ukelele

Musical Souvenir: Authentic Fijian ukuleles make for a harmonious and culturally rich gift.

21. Fiji Water

Fiji Water

Fiji Water is a popular brand of bottled water that comes from an aquifer in the Yaqara Valley of Viti Levu, the main island of Fiji. Known for its purity and unique mineral profile, Fiji Water has gained international recognition and is exported to various countries.

Explore local markets and boutiques to discover these hidden gems and bring a piece of Fiji’s charm back home for your friends and family.

Remember, the best souvenirs are not just tokens but pieces of Fiji’s rich culture and natural beauty. Choose with heart, and your gifts will carry the warmth of the islands to your friends and family.