Electricity in Fiji for Travelers

Travelers from Australia, New Zealand, the US, or Europe planning a trip to Fiji may wonder about the electrical utilities and what they need to ensure a smooth stay. Here’s a handy guide to help you power up in paradise:

Voltage and Plug Types

  • Fiji operates on a voltage of 240V with a frequency of 50Hz.
  • The plug type commonly used is the Australian/New Zealand Type I. This means travellers from Australia and New Zealand won’t need a power adapter.
Type I Plug

Power Adapters

  • If you’re coming from the US or Europe, you will likely need a power adapter. Fiji’s Type I outlets have three flat pins, so make sure to bring an adapter compatible with this configuration.

Reliability of Power Supply

  • Generally, Fiji has a reliable power supply. However, like many tropical destinations, occasional power outages can happen. Resorts and major urban areas usually have backup generators to mitigate disruptions.
Fiji Power Adaptor

What to Pack or Buy

  1. Power Adapter: Ensure you have the right power adapter for your devices if you’re not from Australia or New Zealand.
  2. Voltage Converter (if needed): Check your electronic devices to see if they can handle Fiji’s voltage. If not, consider bringing a voltage converter.
  3. Backup Power Bank: For travelers heavily reliant on electronic devices, a portable power bank can be a lifesaver during excursions.
  4. Surge Protector: Consider bringing a surge protector to safeguard your sensitive electronics from power fluctuations.
  5. Flashlight/Torch: In case of unexpected power outages, having a small flashlight can be practical.
Fiji Electricity Plug

Tips for Usage

  • Charge your devices during stable power periods to ensure they have enough power during potential outages.
  • Verify the power requirements of your specific devices before plugging them in to avoid potential damage.

With these tips, you can ensure a hassle-free experience when it comes to powering your devices and staying connected while enjoying the beautiful landscapes and vibrant culture of Fiji.