The Top 7 Restaurants in Port Denarau Fiji

Here is a list of the top restaurants in Port Denarau, Fiji, each offering a unique dining experience:

  1. Bonefish Seafood Restaurant
Fiji High Top Restaurants in Port Denarau Bone Fish
  1. Lulus
Fiji High Top Restaurants in Port Denarau Lulus
  • Highlights: Pacific Rim cuisine, tapas, cocktails
  • Link: Lulus
  1. Nadina Authentic Fijian Restaurant
Fiji High Top Restaurants in Port Denarau Nadina
  1. Indigo Indian Asian Restaurant & Bar
Fiji High Top Restaurants in Port Denarau Indigo
  1. Cardo’s Steakhouse & Cocktail Bar
Fiji High Top Restaurants in Port Denarau Cardos
  1. Amalfi Italian Restaurant
Fiji High Top Restaurants in Port Denarau Amalfi
  1. Sails @ Denarau
Fiji High Top Restaurants in Port Denarau Sails

These restaurants offer a variety of cuisines and dining experiences, ensuring that every meal at Port Denarau is memorable. Enjoy the vibrant food scene and savor the flavors of Fiji!

When it comes to dining in Port Denarau, Fiji, you’re spoilt for choice with a vibrant mix of flavours and cuisines. Nestled by the marina and surrounded by stunning views, the restaurants here offer everything from casual bites to fine dining experiences. One of the best places to enjoy a meal in Port Denarau is Lulu’s Bar, where you can savour freshly roasted coffee, delicious burgers, and made-to-order sushi.

Exploring the restaurants in Port Denarau, you’ll discover a rich tapestry of international and local Pacific cuisines. Cardo’s Steakhouse & Cocktail Bar is a popular spot, especially known for its mouth-watering pork belly, while Waitui Bar & Grill offers an outstanding dining experience with its excellent service and delightful dishes.

For those seeking a unique experience, Lomani Wai at the Radisson Blu Resort provides an unforgettable meal literally in knee-deep water. This blend of exquisite food and unique settings ensures that every meal in Port Denarau is a memorable part of your Fijian holiday.

Key Takeaways

  • Port Denarau offers a variety of dining experiences with stunning views
  • International and local Pacific cuisines are widely available
  • Unique dining spots like Lomani Wai offer memorable meals in special settings

Exploring Port Denarau

Port Denarau is a vibrant gateway to Denarau Island, filled with exciting activities and unique dining experiences that draw visitors from all over the Pacific.

Port Denarau Marina

The Port Denarau Marina is the heart of Denarau, located near Nadi. This bustling marina is a hub of activity, offering everything from yacht charters to fishing tours. You can explore the variety of shops, spas, and boutiques lined up along the waterfront. The marina also serves as the departure point for cruises to the outer islands, making it an essential stop for anyone looking to explore the Pacific further. Don’t miss the handcraft markets where local artisans showcase their work.

Diverse Culinary Landscape

Port Denarau is a food lover’s paradise, boasting a diverse culinary landscape. You can enjoy premium coffee and fresh juices at Lulu’s Bar, Restaurant, and Café, a favourite spot next to the boat terminal. For a unique dining experience, try Lomani Wai at the Radisson Blu Resort, where you dine knee-deep in a pool. Seafood lovers will enjoy Waitui Bar & Grill, known for its stunning views and exceptional service. Whether you’re in the mood for exotic Fijian flavours at Chantara Thai or a hearty meal of Crab Masala at Indigo Indian & Asian Restaurant, there’s something to satisfy every palate.

Types of Dining Experiences

Denarau Island in Fiji offers a wide range of dining experiences to suit all tastes and preferences. From casual eateries to high-end dining spots, you’ll find something special for every occasion.

Casual Dining Options

Port Denarau has several casual dining spots perfect for a relaxed meal. Lulu’s Bar, Restaurant, and Café stands out with its lively atmosphere and diverse menu. Located next to the boat terminal, Lulu’s is known for its freshly roasted coffee, fruit juices, burgers, and sushi.

Another great casual spot is Indigo Indian & Asian Restaurant & Bar. Here, you can enjoy Indian and Fijian fusion dishes like Crab Masala and Lamb Roganjosh. Casual dining in Denarau often means delicious food in a laid-back setting.

Fine Dining Establishments

For a luxurious dining experience, Denarau Island doesn’t disappoint. Waitui Bar & Grill at the Waitui Beach Club offers an elegant atmosphere with top-notch service. You can enjoy gourmet dishes by the beach, which makes for a sophisticated evening.

There’s also the Bazaar Kitchen & Bar, known for its degustation menu. Every dish here feels special, making it a perfect choice for those looking to enjoy a fine meal. Fine dining in Denarau brings together luxury and exquisite flavours.

Al Fresco Eateries

If you love dining outdoors, Denarau has wonderful al fresco options. Lomani Wai is a unique spot where you dine in knee-deep pools at the Radisson Blu Resort. It’s not just about the food but the whole experience of dining in the water.

Meanwhile, Chantara Thai Restaurant offers a delightful blend of indoor and outdoor seating, and guests can indulge in Thai cuisine amidst serene surroundings. Al fresco dining here is not just a meal but an immersive experience.

Cafes and Bars

Cafes and bars in Denarau Island boast vibrant atmospheres and are great for socialising. Lulu’s Bar is also a popular café option with its great coffee and homemade pastries. It’s a great spot to relax and take in the bustling Port Denarau area.

Flame Tree Restaurant & Bar at the DoubleTree Resort is another excellent choice. Known for its cocktails and live entertainment, it’s perfect for a fun evening out. Cafes and bars on Denarau Island offer a mix of good drinks, tasty bites, and lively settings.

Fijian and Pacific Cuisine

Port Denarau offers a vibrant taste of Fijian and Pacific cuisine. From traditional dishes to fresh seafood and unique Pacific Rim flavours, there’s something to suit every palate.

Traditional Fijian Fare

Fijian food is rich in history and tradition. Lovo is a must-try dish, where meat, fish, and vegetables are wrapped in leaves and cooked in an underground oven. You can find this at places like Nadina Authentic Fijian Restaurant.

Another popular dish is Kokoda, a Fijian version of ceviche made with fresh fish marinated in lime juice, coconut milk, onions, and chillies. This dish is refreshing and loved by both locals and tourists.

Seafood Specialties

Being an island, Denarau offers an excellent selection of seafood. Fresh catches include fish, prawns, and crab, often prepared with a local twist. Lomani Wai at the Radisson Blu Resort serves seafood dishes in knee-deep water – a unique dining experience.

The Crab Masala at Indigo Indian & Asian Restaurant & Bar blends Indian spices with local crab, creating a flavourful dish that’s worth trying. Seafood lovers will appreciate the variety and freshness of options available.

Pacific Rim Flavours

Pacific Rim cuisine combines ingredients and techniques from across the Pacific region. At Chantara Thai Restaurant, you can enjoy dishes that blend Thai and Fijian flavours, such as Green Curry with local seafood.

Lulu’s Bar, Restaurant, and Café, located at Port Denarau, offers a fusion menu featuring mouth-watering burgers and sushi, showcasing a mix of culinary traditions. This blend of flavours provides a diverse and exciting dining experience for visitors.

International Flavours in Port Denarau

Port Denarau offers a diverse culinary experience, letting you savour dishes from around the world. From Asian delicacies to Italian favourites, American classics, and Indian fusion, there is something for every palate.

Asian-Inspired Menus

In Port Denarau, you can enjoy a variety of Asian cuisines. Indigo Indian & Asian Restaurant & Bar is a popular spot known for its Crab Masala and Lamb Roganjosh. The restaurant also offers a selection of traditional Indian dishes and fusion foods.

Chantara Thai Restaurant at the Radisson Blu Resort features classic Thai dishes. The menu includes Pad Thai, Green Curry, and Tom Yum Soup. The vibrant flavours and aromatic herbs make dining here a memorable experience.

Sushi lovers can head to Lulu’s Bar for freshly made sushi, paired with the restaurant’s renowned in-house roasted coffee and fresh fruit juices.

Italian Delights

If you’re craving Italian, Port Denarau has you covered with authentic flavours. Mama’s Pizza is a well-loved spot for pizza enthusiasts. The wide variety of toppings and the perfect crust make it a favourite choice.

For more traditional Italian dishes, try Amalfi Bistro & Wine Bar. Their menu includes classic pasta dishes, risottos, and an extensive selection of Italian wines. The Margherita Pizza and Spaghetti Carbonara are highly recommended. The cosy atmosphere and attentive service add to the dining experience.

American Influences

American-inspired dishes are plentiful in Port Denarau. Hard Rock Café offers a classic American menu with juicy burgers, ribs, and fries. The lively environment and memorabilia make it a fun place to dine.

At Lulu’s Bar, you can enjoy mouth-watering burgers. Famous for their casual dining and vibrant atmosphere, Lulu’s serves burgers made to perfection. Pair your burger with one of their signature cocktails for a complete meal.

Indian Fusion

Port Denarau’s Indian fusion restaurants bring a unique twist to traditional Indian cuisine. Indigo Indian & Asian Restaurant & Bar features a menu full of Indian classics with a Fijian twist. Dishes like Crab Masala and Lamb Roganjosh highlight the fusion of flavours.

For a more traditional experience, check out Taste of India. Their menu includes a variety of curries, naan breads, and rice dishes. The emphasis on fresh ingredients and vibrant spices make it a must-visit for Indian food lovers. The restaurant’s warm and welcoming ambiance adds to the overall dining experience.

Specialty Restaurants and Signature Dishes

Port Denarau, Fiji offers a culinary journey highlighting an array of extraordinary dining spots. Sophisticated seafood selections, tender New Zealand steaks, and ethnic flavours are just a few of the highlights.

Seafood Offerings

Be sure to visit Waitui Bar & Grill for their famous fresh seafood. Their lobster and prawns are served in a serene setting with a view of the ocean. At Radisson Blu Resort’s Lomani Wai, you can dine in knee-deep water, enjoying the freshest fish and shellfish with local spices.

New Zealand Beef and Steaks

At Bazaar Kitchen & Bar, you’ll find perfectly grilled New Zealand beef steaks, cooked to perfection. The Rib-eye and Fillet Mignon are favourites, served with local vegetables. The Westin Resort also serves mouth-watering New Zealand steaks in an elegant environment, paired wonderfully with fine wines.

Indigo Indian and Asian Restaurant

For a blend of Indian and Asian cuisines, Indigo at Port Denarau is a must-visit. Known for its Crab Masala and Lamb Roganjosh, this restaurant brings together Fijian-Indo flavours with classical Indian dishes. Each dish is rich in aromatic spices and herbs, providing an unforgettable dining experience.

Mama’s Pizza for Family Outings

Mama’s Pizza is ideal for a casual family meal. Their large selection of pizzas caters to all tastes, from classic Margherita to spicy Pepperoni. The laid-back environment and budget-friendly prices make it a favourite spot for families visiting Port Denarau.

Laura S’s Mud Crab Curry

Head to Laura S’s for their signature Mud Crab Curry. This dish is a perfect blend of local seafood and spices, creating a rich and flavourful curry that’s enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. The Mud Crab Curry is a standout for its fresh, tender crab meat and spicy, creamy sauce.

Radisson Blu Resort Dining

Radisson Blu Resort offers multiple dining options, including the unique Lomani Wai experience. Their restaurants feature international cuisine with local influences, from Asian noodles to Italian pasta. Fresh ingredients and creative dishes ensure a memorable dining experience.

The Westin Resort Ministrations

The Westin Resort features several restaurants serving a variety of cuisines. You’ll find everything from fine steaks to fresh seafood. Their elegant settings and attentive service make every mealtime special. The resort’s chefs are known for their creative, sophisticated dishes.

Amalfi Italian Ristorante

For an authentic Italian dining experience, visit Amalfi Italian Ristorante. The menu includes classics like Lasagna, Carbonara, and a variety of pizzas. Using fresh, local ingredients and traditional recipes, Amalfi provides a taste of Italy in the heart of Fiji.

Nadina Authentic Fijian Restaurant

If you want to experience authentic Fijian cuisine, Nadina Authentic Fijian Restaurant is the place to go. Specialities like Lovo (an underground oven-cooked feast) and Kokoda (marinated raw fish) showcase the rich culture and flavours of Fiji. Nadina offers a true taste of local Fijian hospitality and cuisine.

Meal Times and Special Menus

Dining in Port Denarau offers a diverse array of meal options and special menus to suit every taste. Whether you’re looking for a quick breakfast, a leisurely lunch, or a memorable dinner, this guide will help you find the perfect spot.

Breakfast Venues

For a delightful morning start, Lulu’s Bar, Restaurant, and Café is a popular choice. Located next to the boat terminal, it is known for its freshly roasted coffee and breakfast selections. Enjoy a made-to-order omelette or a plate of their fresh fruit.

Waitui Bar & Grill also serves a satisfying breakfast, offering a variety of fresh options from local fruits to traditional pancakes. Their beachside location adds a relaxing start to your day.

Maravu Restaurant at the Radisson Blu Resort offers a more upscale breakfast experience. Known for its extensive buffet featuring local and international dishes, it’s perfect for those who want a hearty morning meal.

Lunch Hotspots

For lunch, Cardo’s Steakhouse & Cocktail Bar is a well-loved spot. Located in the Port Denarau Marina Complex, it’s famous for its fusion of Indian and traditional steakhouse cuisine. Try the pork belly or one of their fresh salads while enjoying the marina view.

Lulu’s Bar, Restaurant, and Café remains a top choice for a midday meal as well. Their menu includes mouth-watering burgers and sushi, making it a versatile choice for different tastes.

The Wet Edge at the Sheraton Resort offers poolside dining with a view. Whether you want a quick snack or a full meal, their menu includes fresh seafood, sandwiches, and local specialities, making it ideal for those wanting a blend of casual and fine dining.

Dinner Favourites

When night falls, Waitui Bar & Grill transforms into an elegant dining venue. Known for its seafood and steak, it’s perfect for a romantic dinner by the beach. Don’t miss their degustation menu, which offers a variety of dishes to explore.

Maravu Restaurant is another dinner favourite, offering a selection of Asian fusion dishes. With its serene setting and inventive menu, it’s an excellent choice for those looking to taste something unique.

For a lively atmosphere, head to The Hard Rock Café. Known for its extensive menu and vibrant environment, it’s a great place for families and groups. Enjoy classic American dishes while soaking in the energetic vibe of Port Denarau’s nightlife.

Entertainment and Dining

Port Denarau in Fiji offers a variety of exciting dining and nightlife options. Whether you’re looking for a casual bite, exquisite seafood, or rock-and-roll-themed dining, there’s something for everyone here.

Lulu Bar, Restaurant, and Nightlife

Lulu Bar is a bustling spot located next to the boat terminal at Port Denarau. This place is great for both meals and nightlife. You can enjoy in-house roasted coffee and fresh fruit juices during the day.

The menu includes mouth-watering burgers and made-to-order sushi, perfect for anyone looking for a quick, satisfying meal. At night, Lulu Bar transforms into a lively hub with a vibrant atmosphere, making it an ideal spot for drinks and socialising after a day of exploring.

Bonefish Seafood Restaurant

Bonefish Seafood Restaurant specialises in—unsurprisingly—seafood, offering a wide range of fresh options. The establishment prides itself on using local ingredients to provide authentic Fijian flavours.

The setting is relaxed yet elegant, which makes it a great choice for both casual dinners and special celebrations. Highlights include the freshly caught fish, crab, and prawn dishes, all prepared with a unique Fijian twist. The outdoor seating with waterfront views adds to the overall dining experience, creating a memorable meal by the sea.

Hard Rock Café Fiji

If you’re looking for a mix of good food and a fun atmosphere, Hard Rock Café Fiji is the place to be. This iconic establishment offers a rock-and-roll themed experience complete with memorabilia, music, and classic American dishes.

From their famous burgers to loaded nachos and delightful shakes, there’s plenty of comfort food to enjoy. The café also hosts live music events and themed nights, providing an engaging and entertaining dining experience. You can also find a range of merchandise to take home a piece of your experience.

Dietary Considerations and Options

Port Denarau offers a range of dining options catering to various dietary needs. Whether you’re a vegetarian, vegan, or require gluten-free meals, you’ll find plenty of choices.

Vegetarian and Vegan Menus

Many restaurants in Port Denarau provide vegetarian and vegan options. Lulu’s Bar, Restaurant, and Café is known for its fresh, plant-based options, including veggie burgers and salads. Additionally, Indigo Indian & Asian Restaurant & Bar offers several vegetarian dishes like Paneer Tikka and a variety of vegan curries.

At Chantara Thai Restaurant, you can find dishes made with tofu and vegetables, ensuring you don’t have to compromise on taste. Both Waitui Bar & Grill and Bazaar Kitchen & Bar also have options marked specifically for vegetarians and vegans, making it easy to choose dishes that suit your preferences.

Gluten-Free and Allergy-Friendly Meals

For those on a gluten-free diet or with other food allergies, Port Denarau’s restaurants are accommodating. Mama’s Pizza offers gluten-free crusts, so you can enjoy their delicious pizzas without worry. Waitui Bar & Grill is another excellent choice, as they are known for their attention to dietary requirements and can modify meals to be gluten-free.

Most restaurants, including Indigo Indian & Asian Restaurant & Bar and Lulu’s Bar, Restaurant, and Café, also offer allergy-friendly options. It’s always a good idea to inform the staff of any specific allergies to ensure your meals are prepared safely. Many places are willing to cater to these needs, providing peace of mind and ensuring a worry-free dining experience.

Resort Dining

In Port Denarau, you’ll find resort dining options that offer everything from exclusive, high-end dinners to casual, poolside snacks. Whether you’re staying at a luxury resort or visiting for the day, the culinary experiences are designed to be memorable.

Exclusive Resort Restaurants

Port Denarau boasts several exclusive dining options at its various resorts. Waitui Bar & Grill at The Westin Resort is highly praised for its grilled seafood and elegant atmosphere. Another top choice is the Bazaar Kitchen & Bar, also located within the resort, known for its eclectic menu and fresh ingredients.

At the Radisson Blu Resort, Lomani Wai stands out for its unique dining setup. Situated in knee-deep water, this restaurant offers a three-course meal along with cultural performances like a kava ceremony and fire show. Such experiences make these resort restaurants a top choice for fine dining and special occasions.

Poolside Snacks and Meals

For a more relaxed dining experience, the poolside options in Port Denarau’s resorts are perfect. Lulu’s Bar, Restaurant, and Café, located near the boat terminal, serves as a great spot for casual bites. Known for its in-house roasted coffee, freshly made juices, and sushi, it’s ideal for grabbing a quick and tasty meal by the pool.

The Radisson Blu Resort also provides excellent poolside dining, where you can enjoy light snacks and refreshing drinks without leaving the comfort of your lounger. Choices include fresh fruit platters, gourmet burgers, and a variety of cocktails. These spots ensure you won’t have to sacrifice quality or convenience while enjoying your day by the water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover answers to common questions about the top dining spots in Port Denarau, including where to find the best waterfront views, beachside dining, and fine dining experiences.

What are the top-rated restaurants on Denarau Island for waterfront dining?

Waitui Bar & Grill is a favourite for its peaceful location and outstanding service. Lulu’s Bar, Restaurant, and Café offers vibrant atmosphere and great views near the boat terminal.

Which establishments are considered the best for a beachside meal in Port Denarau?

Lomani Wai at the Radisson Blu Resort offers a unique experience with diners sitting in knee-deep water. Waitui Beach Club is another excellent option featuring a relaxing beachside environment.

Can you recommend some of the finest dining experiences in Denarau Marina?

For high-end meals, try Bazaar Kitchen & Bar or Indigo Indian & Asian Restaurant & Bar which serves Indo-Fijian specialties like Crab Masala. Chantara Thai Restaurant is also highly rated for its delicious Thai cuisine.

What are the highest-recommended eateries near the Sheraton Denarau for a night out?

Close to the Sheraton Denarau, you can visit Flying Fish for an upscale dining experience. Ports O’Call Restaurant at the Sheraton Fiji Resort offers a classic fine dining menu.

Where do food critics suggest going for the ultimate dining experience in Fiji?

Many agree that Waitui Bar & Grill and Lomani Wai provide unique and memorable dining experiences. Flying Fish is frequently recommended for its exceptional seafood dishes and prime location.

How do the restaurants in Port Denarau cater to dietary restrictions and preferences?

Most restaurants, like Lulu’s Bar, Restaurant, and Café, Indigo Indian & Asian Restaurant & Bar, and Bazaar Kitchen & Bar, offer vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. Always ask the staff if you have specific dietary needs.