Mana Island Fiji has been Better

Whilst you can’t beat the natural beauty of Mana Island, the Mana Island Resort and Spa is a bit run-down these days. The resort needs a re-furb because it hasn’t had major maintenance in a few years. The paint is peeling, there are mouldy patches and the food is average. That said, you can get an awesome deal so if you don’t mind the accommodation shortfalls and just want to experience world-class snorkelling, white sands and clear blue water Mana Island could be for you!

Welcome to Mana Island

When you arrive at Mana Island, you’re stepping into a world of tropical beauty situated in the heart of Fiji’s Mamanuca Islands. This section will provide you with essential insights into Mana Island’s location, the resort experience, and the significance of its surrounding island chain.

Geographical Location

Mana Island is nestled in the Mamanuca Islands, just west of Fiji’s main island, Viti Levu. Your journey here typically consists of a short seaplane or speedboat ride from Nadi, giving you immediate access to serene blue waters and sandy shores upon arrival.

Mana Island Resort Overview

At the Mana Island Resort & Spa, you’re treated to 4-star luxury that promises an idyllic getaway. The resort boasts a diverse range of accommodations from tranquil beachfront bures to modern hotel-style rooms, all offering stunning views of the surrounding seascape. While staying here, you can delight in a variety of dining options and indulge in spa treatments that rejuvenate your mind and body.

Significance of Mamanuca Chain of Islands

The Mamanuca Islands, a volcanic archipelago, are not only famed for their breathtaking vistas but also for their vibrant ecosystems. As a part of this chain, Mana Island is a gateway to discovering magnificent coral reefs and an array of marine life that calls the crystalline waters home. The islands are also significant for their cultural heritage, providing you with a glimpse into traditional Fijian ways of life.


When you’re looking for a place to stay on Mana Island in Fiji, you’ll have a variety of accommodation types at your disposal, each with unique features to make your stay comfortable and memorable.

Types of Bures

Mana Island offers an assortment of bures, traditional Fijian wood-and-straw huts, designed to provide an authentic and luxurious experience:

  • Island Bures: These are perfect if you’re seeking an immersive Fijian atmosphere. Featuring a/c and hot water, these bures offer modern comforts amidst traditional design.
  • Premium Beach Bures: Situated right on the shoreline, these bures give you direct access to the stunning beaches and come with added luxuries such as plunge pools and private decks to enjoy the beautiful views.

Oceanfront Suites Features

Oceanfront suites on Mana Island are a step into pure indulgence. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Every suite affords a pristine view of the ocean waves, enabling you to wake up to the sights and sounds of the Pacific.
  • Many suites include outdoor showers, allowing you to bask in the elements in complete privacy and comfort.

Amenities in Accommodation

Your stay in the accommodations on Mana Island is enhanced by a host of features designed for convenience and pleasure:

  • Expect state-of-the-art air conditioning systems to keep you cool in the tropical heat.
  • Hot water is available in all accommodations, ensuring your comfort is never compromised.

Each room, whether it be a bure or a suite, is equipped with essential amenities that accentuate the natural beauty of Mana Island without forsaking the comforts you are accustomed to.

Activities and Experiences

Mana Island is an oasis of endless activities, both on the turquoise waters and amid its lush landscapes. Whether you’re looking to ignite your sense of adventure with water sports, find tranquillity on land, or rejuvenate at the spa, enriching experiences await you.

Water Sports and Activities

At the heart of Mana Island, the water sports centre offers a kaleidoscope of activities. Embrace the thrill of windsurfing or skim the waves on a kayak. The island’s crystal-clear waters are perfect for snorkelling, revealing vibrant coral reefs teeming with life. For a deeper dive into marine splendour, explore dive sites that promise unforgettable underwater encounters.

Land Activities

Step onto the island’s shores, where a variety of land activities unfold. Meandering walking paths lead you through the tropical flora. If you prefer a group setting, partake in beach volleyball or mini-golf. For a quieter moment, the swimming pools provide a serene escape, with the gentle rustling of palm fronds as your backdrop.

Mana Island Spa and Wellness

Your journey to wellness is paramount at the Mana Island Spa. With treatments that blend the best of nature and nurture, the spa is a haven of relaxation. Indulge in a soothing massage or let the warmth of the jacuzzi melt your stress away. Each treatment is designed to revitalise your spirit and enhance your well-being.

Dining Options

When planning your stay at Mana Island Resort, you’ll have a variety of dining experiences to choose from. Each restaurant offers a unique setting and menu, ensuring that your meals will be as memorable as the island’s crystal-clear waters.

South Beach Restaurant

At the South Beach Restaurant, you can indulge in haute fusion cuisine with a Fijian twist. Nestled on the beachfront, it presents an à la carte menu for dinner, allowing you to select from a range of international dishes with locally sourced ingredients. Your experience here marries the serenity of the beach with the pleasure of fine dining.

Mamanuca Restaurant

Your visit wouldn’t be complete without a meal at the Mamanuca Restaurant. Here, breakfast is a tropical affair with a buffet breakfast spread that includes a variety of hot and cold options to start your day off right. For lunch and dinner, the restaurant transitions into a splendid buffet showcasing international and local dishes, delivering flavours that cater to all palates.

Meal Plans and Cuisine Types

Mana Island Resort offers meal plans to take the guesswork out of your dining budget. These plans typically cover the full spectrum from buffet lunch to breakfast and dinner options, ensuring that your focus remains on relaxation, not logistics. You’re likely to find rave reviews about the variety and quality of food across the board, particularly if you’re eager to sample Fijian and Pacific Island specialties. Additionally, various bar areas provide idyllic spots to enjoy a cocktail and light bites in laid-back, yet stylish settings.

Resort Facilities and Services

As you plan your stay at Mana Island Resort, you’ll be thrilled to find a variety of facilities and services designed to enhance your holiday experience.

Pools and Gardens

The resort’s pool areas are a haven of relaxation and recreation. You can lounge by the poolside or take a dip in the crystal-clear water to cool off from the tropical heat. The pools are surrounded by lush gardens, where native flowers and plants thrive, creating serene paths perfect for a leisurely stroll.

Entertainment and Nightlife

For those looking to spice up their nights, the resort offers lively entertainment options. You’ll find everything from traditional Fijian dance performances to contemporary live music, ensuring your evenings are as energetic or as mellow as you desire. The nightlife scene is vibrant but respectful, where the soft glow of lights enhances the ambiance without disturbing the peaceful island vibe.

Resort Policies Amidst COVID

During these unprecedented times, your safety is the resort’s top priority. Resort policies have been updated to include measures that align with COVID regulations. From sanitising high-touch surfaces to conducting health screenings, the resort ensures that both guests and staff are cared for. Masks and social distancing are duly encouraged in common areas, allowing you to enjoy the resort’s amenities with peace of mind.

Environmental Initiatives

Your journey to Mana Island is not just a holiday; you’re stepping into a space where environmental care shapes your experience. Through dedicated efforts like the Coral Reef Conservation Programs, your visit actively contributes to the preservation and rejuvenation of Fiji’s natural splendour.

Coral Reef Conservation Programs

As you explore the underwater marvels around Mana Island, you’re witnessing the frontline of coral restoration. Initiative leaders and ecologists collaborate to execute reef rejuvenation programs that support the delicate ecosystems beneath the waves. At the Mana Island Resort, your leisure activities intertwine with conservation, as the resort integrates coral planting within their spa experiences. Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Reef Planting: An immersive activity where you can participate in the transplantation of coral fragments to designated areas, encouraging reef growth and resilience.
  • Awareness Tours: Gain insights into the marine life that thrives around the island, understanding the challenges corals face and the steps taken to counteract them.

Your stay on Mana Island is more than just a getaway; it’s a chance to involve yourself in initiatives that ensure the vibrancy of Fiji’s coral reefs for years to come.

Planning Your Stay

When you’re gearing up to visit Mana Island, Fiji, there are a few essential details you’ll want to have sorted to ensure a smooth and enjoyable holiday experience.

Best Times to Visit

The optimal times to visit Mana Island are during the dry season from May to October. This period offers sunny weather ideal for outdoor activities. Be aware, though, that June through August can be quite busy, so book early to avoid disappointment.

Family and Children Facilities

Mana Island is a haven for families, with specific resorts providing designated children’s facilities. If travelling with the little ones, it’s critical to confirm that your chosen accommodation offers the necessary amenities, such as kids’ clubs or family-friendly pools, to avoid any problems and ensure a delightful stay for all ages.

Making Reservations

To dodge potential issues, reservations should be tentatively booked well in advance, particularly if you’re aiming to travel during peak season. Secure your spot at accommodation that aligns with your holiday expectations, whether it’s a beachfront bure or a comfortable hotel room. Remember, planning ahead is key to forging a memorable Mana Island adventure for you and your family.

Investment Opportunities

As you consider your involvement with Mana Island in Fiji, understanding the investment landscape is critical. Your money can pave the way for significant developments or ownership opportunities in this captivating location.

Real Estate and Ownership

Mana Island presents a unique chance to invest in real estate within the Mamanuca archipelago. As a prospective owner, your investment will be part of a thriving tourism sector. The recent purchase of Mana Island by a Japanese property investment firm underscores the island’s potential. Not only does this signify confidence in the region, but it also reflects the opportunity for you to be part of a community keen on revitalisation and growth.

Future Development Programs

With your investment, you can contribute to future development programs that aim to sustain and enhance the island’s appeal. Engaging with initiatives that support “green” and “blue” growth ensures that your money is channelled into projects that not only yield returns but also benefit the environment and the local communities. It’s an opportunity to foster a positive impact while simultaneously expanding your investment portfolio.

Guest Reviews and Recommendations

When planning your stay at Mana Island Resort, you’ll find an abundance of guest feedback to guide your expectations. Here’s what previous visitors have to say about their experiences.

What Guests Love

  • Accommodation and Views: You can look forward to stunning ocean views directly from your room. Many guests highly appreciate the comfortable accommodations and the picturesque scenes that greet them each morning.
  • Island Cuisine: The opportunity to indulge in delightful dinner options is a highlight, with the resort offering a range of culinary delights that feature local and international dishes.

Areas for Improvement

  • Maintenance: Some guests have noted that specific areas of the resort could benefit from attention, mentioning that aspects like wires and lino in certain rooms appear neglected.
  • Grounds Upkeep: While the natural beauty of the island is a significant drawcard, attention to the landscaping, such as the maintenance of grass areas, is sometimes pointed out as needing improvement.

Guest reviews and recommendations are an indispensable resource when determining whether Mana Island Resort aligns with your preferences. Ensure to read recent reviews to get the most accurate picture of what to expect.

Travel Tips and Essentials

Before you set off for the tranquil sanctuary of Mana Island, it’s crucial to plan your journey and know what to pack. Whether you aim to soak up the sun on white sandy beaches or dive into the turquoise seas, here’s how to prepare for an idyllic getaway.

Getting to Mana Island

Mana Island is accessible via a short boat ride from Viti Levu, Fiji’s main island. To reach this secluded spot, you can opt for a speedboat transfer from Port Denarau, with multiple departures throughout the day. If you’re staying at the Mana Island Resort, be sure to coordinate with them for potentially inclusive or discounted transfers.

Packing and Preparation

Your packing list will depend on the activities you plan to enjoy. Essentials include:

  • Swimwear: For the beach or poolside lounging.
  • Sun protection: High-SPF sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat to protect against the strong sun.
  • Casual resort wear: Lightweight, breathable clothing for the daytime; slightly warmer options for evenings.
  • Footwear: Flip-flops for the beach and comfortable shoes for exploring.

Remember, Mana Island is a place to disconnect and unwind, so pack accordingly to make the most of your time in this tropical paradise.

Local Culture and Community

When you set foot on Mana Island, you’re stepping into a rich tapestry of culture that’s woven into every aspect of life here. From time-honoured traditions to the sense of community, your experience will be both enlightening and memorable.

Island Traditions and Cultural Insight

Mana Island embraces a culture that is deeply rooted in the traditional ways of its people. One of the most significant aspects you’ll encounter is the kava ceremony, an integral part of Fijian hospitality and a sign of respect. During your visit, you may be invited to participate in this ritual, where a bowl of kava—a mildly narcotic drink made from the crushed root of the kava plant—is shared.

The sense of community is incredibly strong on Mana Island. The locals are known for their friendly and welcoming nature, and it’s not uncommon for visitors to feel like part of the island family by the time they leave. Engage with the locals, and you’ll be rewarded with genuine insights into their way of life.

Mana Island serves as a sanctuary not only for those seeking relaxation but also for those keen to immerse themselves in Fijian culture. Try attending a Meke performance, where storytelling through dance and song provides a captivating display of the island’s heritage. The experience is often accompanied by a lovo feast, where food is cooked in an earth oven, infusing it with unique flavours you’re not likely to forget.

Island practices also include sustainable living, which is part of everyday life for Mana Island inhabitants. You’ll notice a respect for the environment that’s shared among the people here, with preservation and protection of their natural sanctuary given high importance.

By engaging with the island’s traditions and community, you’ll gain a profound appreciation for the cultural richness of Mana Island, leaving with memories and a connection that last well beyond your departure.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re planning a trip to Mana Island, you’ll have several queries regarding accommodations, travel, activities, dining, safety, and connectivity. This section will provide you with the precise information you need to prepare for your island getaway.

What are the accommodation options available on Mana Island?

Mana Island offers a variety of accommodation options, ranging from traditional Fijian-style bungalows to luxurious suites. You can choose to stay right by the beach or nestled within the island’s lush gardens.

How can travellers reach Mana Island from the mainland?

To reach Mana Island, you can fly to Nadi International Airport on Viti Levu and then take a boat transfer. The boat journey typically takes about 45 minutes, with several operators like South Sea Cruises offering services.

What water sports and leisure activities can visitors enjoy on Mana Island?

You can indulge in a range of water sports on Mana Island, including snorkeling, diving, and kayaking. The clear waters and abundant marine life make for an unforgettable underwater adventure.

Are there dining options and food choices for special dietary needs on Mana Island?

Mana Island caters to a variety of dietary needs with multiple dining options available. Whether you have specific dietary restrictions or preferences, you will find suitable food choices to enjoy during your stay.

What should visitors know about the safety and healthcare facilities available on Mana Island?

While Mana Island is a safe destination, it’s important to be mindful of natural surroundings and water safety. Healthcare facilities are available for minor ailments, but it’s advisable to have travel insurance for more serious medical attention.

How does the internet connectivity and mobile reception compare on Mana Island?

Mobile reception and internet connectivity on Mana Island may not be as consistent as on the mainland. It’s wise to prepare for limited access in some areas, ensuring that you can disconnect and fully immerse in the island’s tranquility.