Nadi International Airport is Your Ticket to Fiji Fun!

Hey there, travelers! If you’re heading to Fiji and landing at Nadi International Airport, you’re in for a treat. Fiji High is here to give you the lowdown on the airport so you can breeze through and start enjoying your island adventure. Quick tip: The word “Nadi” is pronounced as “Nahn-dee.” Yes, there’s an invisible “n” in there! The emphasis is on the first syllable, and the “a” is pronounced as a short “ah” sound. So, it is not pronounced like “nayn-dee” but rather “nahn-dee.”

About Nadi Airport

Most people coming to or leaving Fiji use Nadi International Airport, about 97 out of 100 international travelers. The airport has about 38 flights from different countries every day. Some airlines that go to Nadi include Fiji Airways, Air New Zealand, Air Vanuatu, Aircalin, Korean Air, Virgin Australia, Qantas, Air Niugini, Jetstar Airways, Nauru Airlines, and Solomon Airlines. Fiji Airways, based in Nadi Airport, has direct flights to places like Auckland, Brisbane, Christchurch, Hong Kong, Honolulu, Los Angeles, Melbourne, San Francisco, Singapore, Sydney, and Wellington.

Nadi Airport Departures

Getting to Nadi International Airport

Nadi Airport is on the western side of Fiji’s main island, Viti Levu. Whether you’re coming from Denarau Island or Suva, you can hop in a taxi, shuttle, or rental car to get to the airport. Just remember, things move a bit slower in Fiji, so plan accordingly.

Airport Setup

Nadi Airport is pretty modern, with one big terminal for both domestic and international flights. Inside, you’ll find everything you need to make your journey comfortable.

  • Arrival Hall: Where you’ll go through customs and immigration if you’re coming from another country.
  • Departure Hall: This is where you check in for your flight, go through security, and head to your departure gate.

Nadi Airport Map

See below for a map of Nadi International Airport (note that the premier lounges are on the ground floor):

Nadi International Airport Map

Premier Lounges

There are two premier lounges which open two and a half hours before departure: the Fiji Airways Premier Lounge and the Air New Zealand Nadi International Lounge. Qantas frequent flyers with enough status can use the Fiji Airways lounge, as can other partner program members. However, you don’t have to be a member to enjoy the Fiji Airways lounge, just pay FJD$99 at the door for a guest pass and enjoy all the VIP perks! It’s exclusive to Fiji Airways flights, though.

The Air New Zealand lounge was recently upgraded to five different zones (there’s a cool cafe, a chill quiet zone, Wi-Fi, power points, and even a spot for the kiddos). You can access the Air NZ lounge with Airpoints Elite, Gold, Elite Partner or Koru membership. ✈️🌟

Fiji Airways Lounge at Nadi Airport

What You’ll Do when you arrive

When you arrive at Nadi International Airport from another country, you’ll first go through Immigration, Customs, and Biosecurity. Before that, there are bathrooms and bins for items that might not be allowed through Biosecurity. While waiting in line at Immigration, you might even have serenaders to entertain you.

At the Immigration Desk, show your passport and Fiji Passenger Arrival Card. If you’re from one of the listed countries in “Do You Need a Visa to Visit Fiji?” and you’re visiting for up to four months for a holiday, travel, or to visit friends and family, you don’t need a visa. Otherwise, show your visa to the Immigration Officer.

Get your Bags

After Immigration, grab your baggage from the carousels, and there’s a duty-free store if you want to buy stuff. Check “The Duty-Free Allowances for Fiji” to know how much you can bring in.

Then, at Biosecurity, you get another chance to declare any risky items. Your bags will be scanned for risky stuff, and once you’re clear, you can access the rest of the airport. Check “What to Declare When Arriving in Fiji” for items to declare, and get more advice in “Arrival Advice: Biosecurity & Customs in Fiji.”

Transiting through Nadi Airport

If you’re just passing through Nadi International Airport on your way to another South Pacific place, here’s what you need to know:

  1. Transit Lounge: If you’re staying in Fiji for less than six hours, you can use the Nadi Airport Transit Lounge. It’s easy to find, has bathrooms, and even some duty-free shops. They might check your stuff (like powders and liquids) before you get on your next flight.
  2. Longer Transits: If you’re hanging around Fiji for more than six hours, you have to go through Immigration, Customs, and Biosecurity, just like someone who’s staying in Fiji. It’s kind of like entering Fiji, so you’ll follow the arrival process mentioned before.
Nadi Airport Luggage

What’s Inside

  1. Currency Exchange: Swap your money for Fijian dollars at the airport so you’re all set for your Fiji adventure.
  2. Duty-Free Shops: Check out the shops for cool Fijian souvenirs and international goodies.
  3. Places to Eat: Grab a bite to eat at the airport’s restaurants, serving Fijian and international dishes.
  4. Wi-Fi: Stay connected with free Wi-Fi throughout the airport.
  5. Lounges: If you want a comfy spot before your flight, think about chilling in one of the airport lounges.

Shopping at Nadi Airport

Alright, listen up, awesome people! Nadi International Airport is not just a stop for flights; it’s a shopping paradise too!

First off, duty-free shopping is the real deal here, and you’ve got Tappoo and Prouds to thank for that. These stores are like treasure chests sprinkled all over the airport – they’ve got everything from cool jewelry to fancy fragrances, books, toys, and even Fijian souvenirs. And guess what? You get the grandest shopping experience in the Departures Lounge, where big names like Rip Curl and WH Smith are strutting their stuff.

But hey, it’s not just about shopping; Nadi Airport has your back on other cool stuff too. Need to change some cash? Boom, they’ve got currency exchange spots. Forgot to grab a Fiji SIM card? No worries, there’s a Vodafone store waiting for you.

Luggage Storage

Now, let’s talk about luggage – because who wants to drag that around everywhere, right? There’s a super secure luggage storage spot on the ground floor of Arrivals. They’re open from 5 AM to 10 PM, and they’ve got your back whether you need to stash your stuff for a whole day or just a quick pitstop.

Car Park

Oh, and for all you cool drivers out there, there’s a car park with 179 spots. You can park hourly or go for a daily rate. Just a heads up – don’t lose your ticket; there’s a charge for that!

Lost and Found

Last but not least, if you ever misplace something (we’ve all been there), hit up the Border Police at the airport (phone 679 6722 355) or shoot them an email ( They’re the superheroes of finding lost stuff.

So there you have it, fellow adventurers – Nadi Airport isn’t just about planes; it’s a one-stop shop for all your travel needs and wants! 🎁🚗🛍️

Food at Nadi Airport

Let’s spill the beans on the food scene at Nadi Airport – ’cause trust us, it’s not your ordinary airport grub!


First off, at the Domestic Terminal, there’s this cozy little cafe that opens its doors bright and early at 5 AM and keeps the goodies flowing until 9 PM. Yep, you read that right – it’s basically a food haven from dawn till dusk!


Now, let’s talk about the International Terminal – the real gem when it comes to satisfying your taste buds. Picture this: the KokoNui Bar, Cafe & Restaurant. It’s like a foodie’s dream come true! They’ve got it all – the vibes, the coffee, and a menu that’s practically a passport to flavor town. And guess what? Burger King is also hanging out there, just in case you’ve got a craving for some royal bites.


But wait, the excitement doesn’t stop there! Once you step into the Departures Lounge, you’re greeted by the glorious combo of Burger King (again, because who can resist those flame-grilled wonders?) and the Bula Bar Bistro/Gloria Jeans duo. It’s like a food symphony – burgers, coffee, and all the good stuff!


Now, if you happen to be arriving at Nadi Airport, don’t worry; they’ve got a treat for you too! Cuppabula Cafe is ready to welcome you with open arms and a menu that’s basically a celebration of all things delightful.

So, my friends, whether you’re taking off, landing, or just hanging out, Nadi Airport has your taste buds covered. Consider your foodie cravings officially satisfied! 🍔🍰☕

Getting Around

When you’re ready to head to your hotel, you can grab a taxi or private transfer right outside the terminal. If you like exploring on your own, there are car rental services too.

Quick Tips

  1. Island Time: Fiji runs on “island time,” which means things are pretty laid-back. Give yourself extra time and go with the flow.
  2. Warm Welcome: Get ready for friendly Fijian greetings. When you hear “Bula,” that’s the locals saying “hello” and welcoming you to Fiji!
  3. Departure Tax: Before leaving Fiji, you might need to pay a departure tax. Check with your airline to make sure it’s covered.

Fiji High Suggestion

Before you leave the airport, grab a refreshing coconut drink from one of the stalls. It’s a tasty way to kick off your Fiji adventure!

Nadi International Airport is where your Fiji journey begins. Get ready for the time of your life in this tropical paradise. Safe travels and enjoy every moment in Fiji! 🌴🛫