Top 3 Marinas in Fiji and Alternatives

In Fiji High’s opinion the top three marinas in Fiji are: 1) Vuda Marina, 2) Port Denarau Marina, and 3) Nawi Island Marina. We’re zeroing in on these three because finding the perfect marina can make or break your yachting adventure in Fiji. Port Denarau Marina stands out as a premier destination, offering 52 fully serviced berths and the capacity for superyachts up to 85 metres in length. Nestled in western Viti Levu, it features amenities like a supermarket, pharmacy, and money exchange right at the port.

If you’re looking for distinct Fijian vibes, Savusavu is another popular spot, and its Waitui Marina captures the essence of Fijian charm. This quaint marina offers reliable services and is a favourite among sailors during the season. You can easily get assistance from the dock staff by calling on VHF Channel 16, ensuring your mooring needs are met promptly.

Exploring Fiji’s 333 islands offers endless possibilities for sailors. With detailed cruising notes, information on marinas and anchorages, and an easy-to-reference directory for all your yachting essentials, these marinas provide the perfect starting point for your adventure.

Key Takeaways

  • Vuda Marina’s circular design is cyclone-proof; Port Denarau Marina offers extensive amenities and services; Nawi Island Marina is Category 5 Cyclone rated, eco-friendly and modern.
  • Waitui Marina in Savusavu provides reliable and charming facilities.
  • Fiji’s 333 islands offer diverse and exciting yachting opportunities.

Discovering Fiji’s Marinas

Fiji’s marinas offer excellent facilities for different types of boats and yachts. Each marina has its own unique features and services that cater to sailors and cruisers alike.

Overview of Fiji’s Marinas

Fiji is home to several marinas, each providing a range of services. Vuda Marina Fiji is a hub for repair and maintenance. Port Denarau Marina is known for its capacity to accommodate superyachts and luxury amenities. Nawi Island Marina is a newer addition with modern facilities. Other notable mentions include the rustic charm of Copra Shed Marina.

1. Vuda Marina Fiji

Vuda Marina Fiji

Located in Vuda Point, Vuda Marina Fiji is a go-to spot for repair and maintenance. It has a unique circular marina design that provides cyclone protection. You’ll find services like haul-outs, repairs, and a chandlery. In-water berths range from $1.30-$1.75 per foot depending on the season.

This marina also has a restaurant and bar that offers a relaxed setting for sailors. It’s a great place for meeting fellow cruisers. With its friendly and helpful staff, Vuda Marina makes an ideal stop for preparing your vessel for further adventures.

2. Port Denarau Marina

Port Denarau Marina

Port Denarau Marina, situated on Viti Levu’s western coast, is a large and well-equipped marina. It boasts 52 berths and 16 swing moorings. Some berths can accommodate superyachts up to 85 metres in length. Electricity on the dock ranges from 32A/240V to 100A/415V.

Here, you’ll find a range of amenities including a supermarket, pharmacy, and money exchange. The marina is a perfect starting point for exploring the Yasawa and Mamanuca Islands. This marina’s high standards make it a popular choice among luxury yacht owners.

3. Nawi Island Marina

Nawi Island Marina

Nawi Island Marina is located in Savusavu. This modern marina is making waves with its top-notch facilities. While relatively new, it offers full-service berths and modern amenities like Wi-Fi and 24-hour security. Nawi’s berth fees include access to their swimming pool and cabanas, Savusavu shuttle, and shower facilities.

It’s designed to accommodate both local and international vessels. The marina is committing to eco-friendly practices by protecting marine life in the area. Its strategic location makes it an ideal base for exploring the Northern islands of Fiji.

Unfortunately Nawi Island Marina has a no-pet policy, so your doggo will have to stay on board.

Other Notable Marinas

While the above marinas are among the top choices, don’t forget about Copra Shed Marina.

Copra Shed Marina

Copra Shed Marina in Savusavu is known for its quaint charm and friendly atmosphere. It offers essential services and is another great option for sailors cruising through Fiji.

With each marina providing distinct features, you can choose the best fit based on your needs and itinerary.

Yachting Essentials in Fiji

Fiji is a yachting paradise with top-notch facilities spread across its marinas. When preparing for a journey, you’ll need to ensure your vessel has access to crucial services like berths and moorings, fuel and water supplies, as well as repair options.

Berths and Moorings

Fijian marinas offer well-equipped berths and moorings for yachts of various sizes. Port Denarau Marina boasts 52 fully serviced berths and can accommodate superyachts up to 85 metres. For those with swinging moorings, marinas like Nawi Island Marina in the north provide secure moorings year-round. At larger marinas, you’ll find services like electricity hookups, fresh water connections, and easy dock access.

Fuel and Water Services

Adequate fuel and fresh water are essential for any extended voyage. Fiji’s marinas ensure that these needs are met. At Port Denarau, there are facilities for refuelling your yacht with diesel and petrol. Savusavu’s Nawi Island Marina also offers high-quality fuel services and fresh water. Most marinas have dedicated fuel docks to make refuelling efficient and hassle-free. You can often find potable water supplies available throughout the marina.

Boatyard and Repair Services

Maintaining your yacht is crucial, and Fiji’s marinas provide comprehensive repair facilities. Port Denarau Marina has a well-equipped boatyard with a travel lift capable of handling heavy vessels. Nawi Island Marina offers repair services with professional technicians on-site. Many marinas feature slips and haul-out services, ensuring you have the necessary resources for routine maintenance and emergency repairs. These facilities include paint shops, rigging services, and mechanical repairs, keeping your vessel in prime condition throughout your journey.

Amenities for Seafarers

Fijian marinas cater to various needs, providing ample dining, lodging, shopping, and connectivity options to ensure a comfortable stay.

Dining and Entertainment

Many marinas in Fiji feature a range of dining options. You can dine at the Boatshed Restaurant at the Vuda Marina, enjoying local and international cuisine. The Port Denarau Marina offers multiple bars and restaurants, perfect for relaxing after a day on the water. Live music and cultural performances frequently add to the vibrant atmosphere.

Accommodation Options

Options for accommodation are plentiful. At the Port Denarau Marina, you’ll find luxury hotels like the Hilton Fiji Beach Resort. In Vuda Marina, you can choose from comfortable hotel rooms or beachside bungalows. Staying on your yacht is also a popular choice, with berths equipped with power, water, and other necessary facilities.

Shopping and Provisioning

Shopping is made easy with supermarkets and general stores available at major marinas. Port Denarau Marina houses a supermarket, pharmacy, and a money exchange. For more specific needs, local markets and provisioning services offer fresh produce, supplies, and any items you might require during your stay.

Communications and Connectivity

Staying connected is crucial for many seafarers. Most marinas offer reliable Wi-Fi to keep you connected with the world. For instance, Vuda Marina provides Wi-Fi throughout the marina. You’ll also find that mobile coverage is generally strong, ensuring constant connectivity while enjoying your maritime adventures.

Navigating Fiji’s Waters

Sailing through Fiji’s 333 islands offers an adventure filled with stunning landscapes and diverse marine life. Success in navigating these waters depends on understanding clearance procedures, prioritising safety, and being aware of local weather conditions.

Clearance Procedures and Regulations

When arriving in Fiji by sea, you must first clear customs. Port Denarau Marina and Savusavu are two popular entry points with comprehensive facilities. Upon arrival, call the port authority on VHF Channel 16 to notify them of your approach.

Standard regulations require you to present passports, vessel registration documents, and a crew list. Ensure you have a valid cruising permit from the iTaukei Land Trust Board if exploring beyond major ports. Local restrictions may apply to protected areas and specific islands.

Quarantine procedures include inspection for plants, animals, or food items that might pose invasive risks. Always follow guidelines to avoid fines or penalties.

Navigation and Safety

Safe navigation around Fiji’s islands is essential due to varied seascapes. Charts and GPS are invaluable, but local advice is critical. provides detailed notes on anchorage points and hazards.

Beware of coral reefs and submerged rocks, especially in less travelled areas. Buoys and markers indicate safe passages, yet they may not cover all dangers.

Adopt standard maritime safety practices, such as wearing lifejackets and ensuring radio communications work. Check equipment regularly and have a well-stocked first aid kit on board.

Weather Patterns and Sailing Conditions

Fiji’s tropical climate means warm waters all year, but it also brings variable weather. Trade winds dominate from April to October, providing favourable sailing conditions with predictable wind patterns.

From November to April, Fiji enters its wet season, characterised by occasional cyclones and heavy rains. During this period, storm protocols are vital. Secure your vessel and seek safe harbour if a cyclone is forecast.

Monitor marine weather forecasts daily through VHF radio or online services. Sudden weather changes can happen, so being prepared ensures a safer and more enjoyable sailing experience.

Culture and Experiences

Fiji is rich in cultural heritage and offers a variety of unique experiences. You will get to interact with locals, discover traditions, and enjoy leisure activities that showcase the beauty and charm of Fiji.

Local Culture and Traditions

Fijian culture is deeply rooted in its traditions and customs. Visiting local villages gives you a chance to experience the authentic lifestyle of the islanders. A highlight is the meke, a traditional dance performed with vibrant music, storytelling through movement and song.

The kava ceremony is another must-experience tradition. It’s a social event where a drink made from the kava root is shared among participants. The ceremony involves a series of customs and protocols, reflecting respect and community spirit. Understanding and respecting local etiquette is important when participating in these cultural practices.

Leisure Activities and Experiences

Fiji offers a plethora of leisure activities for visitors. Sailing around the islands is a popular activity, with numerous marinas providing easy access to stunning anchorages. The Port Denarau Marina on Viti Levu is a key starting point, offering top-notch facilities and services.

For adventure seekers, the Fiji Regatta Week is a major event attracting yacht enthusiasts from around the world. If you enjoy fishing, the waters around Fiji are rich with marine life, providing excellent opportunities for both sports and leisure fishing.

Relaxation is also a key part of the Fijian experience. Many resorts offer cultural performances, fire walking ceremonies, and traditional Fijian massages. Spend your days soaking in the sun, exploring nearby coral reefs, or simply enjoying the serene island atmosphere.

Planning Your Visit

When planning your visit to the top marinas in Fiji, you will want to know how to get there, what events to expect, and hear from other sailors about their experiences. This guide will assist you with your travel and arrival, highlight community events, and share recommendations from fellow mariners.

Travel and Arrival

Most visitors start their journey at Nadi International Airport. From there, it is easy to reach Port Denarau Marina, a popular entry point for superyachts and smaller vessels.

Taxi services are readily available at the airport and can take you directly to the marina. Suva Harbour is another vital spot for mariners and can be accessed for those coming from the east.

When arriving at a marina, you will need to follow clearance procedures. Resources such as A Mariner’s Guide to Fiji Shores & Marinas can provide detailed information on regulations and protocols.

Fiji’s marinas, such as those in Savusavu and Port Denarau, offer amenities like supermarkets, pharmacies, and money exchange facilities to make your arrival smoother.

Events and Community

Engaging with the local community and participating in marina events can greatly enhance your visit.

The Savusavu Yacht Club frequently hosts events that bring together yachties and local sailors. These include regattas, social gatherings, and community dinners.

Port Denarau Marina often schedules seasonal festivals celebrating Fijian culture and maritime heritage. These events provide great opportunities to meet other mariners and learn more about the local traditions.

You can also stay updated through various websites and marina noticeboards, which regularly post information about upcoming activities and happenings at different marinas.

User Feedback and Recommendations

Reading reviews and getting feedback from other sailors can be very valuable for your trip.

Websites like often have user-generated reviews that can give you insights into the best facilities and services at each marina. Many mariners recommend Port Denarau for its comprehensive amenities and professional services.

Suva Harbour also receives praise for its ease of access and friendly local community. Sailors often highlight the importance of communicating with local marinas ahead of time to ensure berth availability.

User feedback generally points towards staying well-informed and prepared by reading resources like A Mariner’s Guide to Fiji Shores & Marinas which offer practical advice on navigating the 333 islands of Fiji.

Key Destinations for Yacht Owners

Fiji offers yacht owners a wealth of places to discover, from bustling marinas to serene island anchorages. Below are the prime spots every yacht owner should have on their itinerary.

Popular Fijian Islands for Yachting

Viti Levu
Viti Levu is Fiji’s largest island and a key entry point for yachts. Home to the Port Denarau Marina, it provides top-notch facilities including 52 berths and 16 swing moorings. Yacht owners can also access supermarkets, pharmacies, and dining options, ensuring all necessities are covered. Nearby attractions include Nadi and Lautoka, both offering cultural and shopping experiences.

Mamanuca Islands
The Mamanuca Islands, including Malolo Lailai, are famous for their clear waters and stunning coral reefs. Offering ideal conditions for snorkeling and diving, these islands are a favourite among yachting enthusiasts. Anchorages here are generally calm and picturesque, perfect for a serene escape.

Vanua Levu
Vanua Levu, including the Ringgold Isles, presents a more remote and untouched side of Fiji. This area offers quieter anchorages, making it perfect for those seeking solitude. Highlights include the Namena Marine Reserve which is praised for its exceptional diving spots.

Marina-Focused Itineraries

Port Denarau Marina
As the primary marina in Fiji, Port Denarau serves as an ideal starting point. It caters to even the largest superyachts with modern amenities and easy access to Viti Levu’s attractions. From here, you can plan short trips to nearby islands or longer cruises along the western coastline.

Suva Marina
Located in the capital city, Suva, this marina is smaller but still well-equipped. It’s a strategic stop for those wanting to explore the eastern side of Viti Levu and the Lomaiviti Group. Its proximity to urban facilities can be convenient for restocking supplies.

Musket Cove Marina
Situated on Malolo Lailai, Musket Cove is a hub for yachties with a welcoming yacht club. The marina has over 20 mooring buoys and offers events like regattas. It’s also a great spot to relax with its resort facilities, making it a popular stop in the South Pacific itinerary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many visitors to Fiji seek out its renowned marinas for yacht mooring, dining, and other facilities. Here are some common questions and answers that will help you plan your visit to Fiji’s top marinas.

What are the best-rated marinas in Fiji for yacht mooring?

Port Denarau Marina is highly recommended, offering 52 fully serviced berths and 16 swing moorings, capable of accommodating superyachts up to 85 metres. Other popular options include Vuda Marina and Musket Cove Marina.

How can I find marinas in Fiji that are currently available for sale?

You can check with local real estate agents or specialised maritime real estate websites. Sometimes, marina management companies may also have listings or can direct you to current opportunities.

Where can I access detailed guides or PDFs about marina facilities in Fiji? offers comprehensive guides, including cruising notes, clearance procedures, and information about various marina facilities. These resources are invaluable for planning your trip.

Can you provide a list of marinas in Fiji with exceptional dining options?

Port Denarau Marina features several top-notch dining establishments. Additionally, Musket Cove Marina is known for its dining spots. Many marinas include restaurants that serve fresh, local cuisine.

What’s the physical address of Port Denarau Marina?

The physical address for Port Denarau Marina is: Port Denarau, Denarau Island, Fiji. It’s conveniently located in western Viti Levu.

How does one travel to Port Denarau from Nadi International Airport?

From Nadi International Airport, you can take a taxi or shuttle service to Port Denarau Marina. The journey typically takes about 20 minutes by car.