17 Best Snorkeling Spots in Fiji (list with REASONS)

If you want to snorkel when you visit Fiji, here’s your guide to the 17 best places to snorkel in Fiji with reasons why:

1. Yasawa Islands – Blue Lagoon

The clearest water

The Blue Lagoon of the Yasawa Islands has crystal-clear waters and vibrant coral gardens which make for a truly enchanting snorkeling experience.

2. Taveuni – Rainbow Reef

Wide diversity of species

Known for its colourful soft corals and diverse marine life, including reef sharks and rays, Rainbow Reef will fill your dreams for years after you snorkel it.

3. Mamanuca Islands – Monuriki Island

Movie-famous corals

See what Tom Hanks saw when he snorkelled here in between takes! Famous for its appearance in the movie “Cast Away,” Monuriki offers clear waters and thriving coral.

4. Beqa Lagoon

See sharks in their natural habitat

Explore the Shark Reef Marine Reserve with your snorkelling gear to discover the home of an abundance of sharks and other marine species.

5. Kadavu – Great Astrolabe Reef

Massive reef worth seeing once in your life

Snorkel the Great Astrolabe Reef (the world’s fourth-largest barrier reef), showcasing an array of coral and marine biodiversity.

6. Vatu-I-Ra

Stunning coral formations

Vatu-I-Ra is a marine protected area with stunning coral formations and diverse fish species, perfect for snorkelling and marvelling at.

7. Vanua Levu – Namena Marine Reserve

lots and lots of brightly-hued reef fish

Namena Marine Reserve is deservedly a hotspot for biodiversity, featuring vibrant corals and an array of reef fish which you should definitely snorkel.

8. Nananu-i-Ra Island

Peaceful waters for first-timers

Nananu-I-Ra Island makes our list of the best places to snorkel in Fiji because of its tranquil waters and colourful coral gardens which are perfect for snorkelers of all levels.

9. Malolo Barrier Reef

Come for the turtles, stay for the rays

Malolo Barrier Reef makes for a wonderful snorkelling adventure thanks to an extensive reef system with an abundance of marine life, including turtles and rays.

10. Mana Island – South Beach

Easily accessible from the shore

With shallow reefs close to the shore, Mana Island’s South beach is ideal for snorkelers seeking easy access to vibrant marine ecosystems.

11. Matamanoa Island

Perfect harmony of corals and fish

Pristine coral gardens and a variety of fish species make Matamanoa Island a snorkelling paradise that you should see for yourself.

12. Vomo Island – Vomo Lailai

If you love the thrill of swimming with sharks

If you like the idea of snorkelling the waters of a secluded island with vibrant coral and the chance to spot reef sharks and rays, visit Vomo Lailai!

13. Navini Island

Easy-going vibes

Navini is a small, private island offering clear waters, abundant marine life, and a relaxed snorkeling atmosphere.

14. Koro Sun Resort – Rainbow Reef House Reef

A great add-on feature for Koro Sun Resort!

Accessible to snorkel directly from the Koro Sun Resort, Rainbow Reef House Reef boasts stunning coral formations and a diverse underwater world.

15. Waya Island – Octopus Resort House Reef

See octopi as you’ve never seen them before

The Octopus Resort House Reef is a lively house reef with colourful coral and an array of tropical fish you’ll enjoy snorkelling for hours.

16. Nacula Island – Sawa-I-Lau Caves

Get a sense of the earth beneath the waves

Snorkel through underwater caves and witness unique geological formations at Nacula Island’s world-famous Sawa-I-Lau Caves!

17. Qamea Island – Qamea Resort House Reef

Turtles and sharks galore

Pristine coral gardens and the chance to encounter turtles and reef sharks are the main reasons Qamea Resort House Reef makes our list of the best places to snorkel in Fiji.

Tips for the Ultimate Snorkeling Experience

  • Always wear reef-safe sunscreen to protect the delicate coral ecosystem.
  • Respect marine life and avoid touching or standing on coral.
  • Snorkel with a buddy for safety, especially in more remote locations.
  • Use high-quality snorkeling gear, especially reef shoes or fins, for a comfortable and safe experience.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced snorkeler, Fiji’s underwater wonders offer a mesmerizing adventure for everyone. Dive in and explore the magic beneath the South Pacific waves!