10 Drinks in Fiji (Spice Up Your Holiday)

Thirsty? Get ready to quench your thirst with these top ten drinks to try when you’re in Fiji! As you explore the islands, you must make sure to try these ten iconic Fijian drinks that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you with unforgettable memories.

Kava, The Fijian Elixir

Kava is Fiji's traditional drink.

A cultural experience in a cup, Kava is Fiji’s traditional drink. Made from the roots of the yaqona plant, it offers a unique earthy taste. Join a local Kava ceremony, share stories with the Fijians, and let the calming effects wash over you.

Coconut Water is Nature’s Refreshment

Fiji's coconut water

Sip straight from a freshly harvested coconut and experience the pure, natural sweetness of Fiji’s coconut water. It’s not just a drink; it’s a tropical hydration sensation.

Fiji Bitter (Fiji’s Local Brew)

Fiji Bitter

Get into the Fijian beer scene with Fiji Bitter. Crisp, refreshing, and a perfect companion for lazy afternoons by the beach. Don’t forget to raise a toast to Fiji’s brewing prowess.

Bounty Rum for a Taste of the Islands

Bounty Rum, a Fijian favorite

Indulge in the rich and smooth Bounty Rum, a Fijian favorite. Whether on the rocks or in a cocktail, this local spirit captures the essence of Fiji’s laid-back vibe.

Fresh Pineapple Juice because Tropical!

Fresh pineapple juice

Quench your thirst with the pure goodness of fresh pineapple juice. Straight from the abundant orchards, it’s a burst of tropical sweetness that captures Fiji’s sunny spirit.

Island Chai for a Spicy Twist

Island Chai

For a unique Fijian twist, try the Island Chai. Infused with local spices, it’s a delightful and aromatic tea experience that showcases Fiji’s diverse flavours.

Ginger Lei Beer get some Fijian Fizz

Fijian-style ginger beer

Refresh your palate with a Fijian-style ginger beer. The best one is made by Ginger Lei who make a 100% all-natural probiotic ginger beer from all-local ingredients. Crisp and zesty, it’s the perfect non-alcoholic option with a spicy kick that mirrors Fiji’s vibrant culture.

Taki Beer is Fiji’s Crafted Excellence

Taki Beer

Be pleasantly surprised by the artisanal flavours of Taki Beer, a craft beer that’s gaining popularity in Fiji. It’s a medley of island hops with grapefruit notes and an IBU that says “well, just one more then”. Support local breweries and enjoy the distinct taste of Fijian craftsmanship.

Fiji Water in Fiji!

Fiji's world-famous water

A perfectly balanced pH with naturally filtered-in minerals and electrolytes from ancient volcanic rocks, what’s not to like about Fiji’s world-famous water?

Fresh Sugarcane Juice Sweet Sweet Sweet

fresh sugarcane juice

Take a sip of Fiji’s sugarcane heritage with a glass of fresh sugarcane juice. Sweet, hydrating, and a nod to Fiji’s agricultural roots.

As you sip your way through Fiji, each drink tells a tale of the islands, from traditional ceremonies to modern craft creations. Take a piece of Fiji home with you, share the stories, and let the flavors linger in your memories. Bula and cheers to your Fijian beverage adventure!