Cloud 9 Fiji is a Must Do Experience

Cloud 9 vibes to the beat, a place where DJs make the mood and cocktails flow and youngsters jump off the platform into the welcoming Pacific as the aroma of freshly baked pizza wafts on the ocean breeze. Getting your selfie on Cloud 9 is simply a must-do for many visitors to Fiji because everyone knows that’s where the party is! What you might not know is that Cloud 9 has some of the best customer service you’ll experience on your trip. Just don’t put Cloud 9 on your itinerary if you are travelling with kids aged 10 and below because they’re not allowed onboard.

Welcome to Cloud 9 Fiji

Imagine a floating oasis amidst the idyllic turquoise blue waters of the South Pacific, where luxury and natural beauty merge to create an exceptional experience. Your destination is Cloud 9 in Fiji, a unique pontoon that offers a slice of paradise with its stunning views and exclusive atmosphere.

Location & Features
Cloud 9 sits serenely above the Ro Ro Reef, encapsulating the essence of a Fijian waterborne haven. This two-storey floating platform boasts unrivalled 360-degree views of the ocean, ensuring every moment is backed by picturesque sights.

  • Activities: Bask in the sun, swim or snorkel in the clear waters.
  • Amenities: Relish the tastes of an Italian wood-fired pizzeria.
  • Relaxation: Lounge on the deck chairs with a cocktail in hand.

The venue is accessible by a boat transfer, making your journey to Cloud 9 as mesmerising as the destination itself.

Upon arrival, you’ll find yourself wrapped in an ambiance that radiates tranquillity. Cloud 9 blends the rugged allure of Fiji with a touch of sophisticated comfort. The floating platform is not just a place to swim; it’s a full sensory experience, from the vivid aquatic hues to the taste of gourmet pizza and the sounds of ambient music wafting over the waters.

Your time on Cloud 9 will no doubt be marked by its seamless service and the feeling of an escape from everyday life. It’s more than just a destination, it’s where Fijian dreams materialise amidst the waves. Experience this floating paradise for yourself and witness the beauty of Fiji firsthand.

Getting to Cloud 9

When planning your visit to Cloud 9, travelling by boat from Port Denarau is essential. Your journey will provide breathtaking views and a swift passage to the floating paradise amidst the Mamanuca Islands.

Departure from Port Denarau

The main departure point for Cloud 9 is Port Denarau Marina. This bustling marina is your gateway to Cloud 9 and is located just a 10-minute drive from Nadi, making it easily accessible if you’re staying nearby. Transfers are available, offering you a seamless start to your aquatic adventure.

Journey to Mamanuca Islands

Onboarding a speed boat, you will be whisked away to the Mamanuca Islands, a stunning archipelago where Cloud 9 is situated. The boat ride itself is an experience, with the blue waters and scenic vistas unfolding before your eyes. In under 25 minutes, you’ll arrive at Cloud 9, ready to immerse yourself in the serenity and vibrancy of Fiji’s floating marvel.

The Cloud 9 Experience

Embark on a unique marine adventure where azure waters meet leisure and music. At Cloud 9, you’re set to experience an unforgettable day amidst the scenic beauty of Fiji’s oceans.

Swimming and Snorkelling Paradise

Your aquatic exploration begins with the pristine waters that surround Cloud 9. You’ll be free to dive into the warm embrace of the Pacific, snorkel amidst the vibrant coral reefs, and observe the diverse marine life. With snorkel gear provided, immerse yourself in a world of underwater wonder that is as invigorating as it is serene.

Music and Entertainment

Feel the rhythm of Fiji as DJs lay down live mixes on a state-of-the-art surround sound system. The atmosphere buzzes with a blend of local talents and internationally acclaimed musicians, providing the perfect backdrop to your day at sea. Pleasure seekers will find Cloud 9’s music and entertainment paces the day’s energy, from laid-back morning tunes to vibrant afternoon beats.

Sun Decks and Day Beds

Between your swims and musical interludes, bask in the tropical sun on luxurious day beds and spacious sun decks. Designed for utmost relaxation, you’ll find solace and comfort as you soak up the sun or indulge in a nap. Whether you’re looking to tan, socialise, or simply enjoy the panoramic ocean views, Cloud 9’s lounge areas are tailored to amplify your pleasure and comfort.

Dining at Cloud 9

When visiting Cloud 9 in Fiji, you’re in for a unique dining experience on the water that combines the laid-back atmosphere of a floating lounge with delectable Italian and local flavours.

Pizzeria Options

At the heart of your culinary journey is the Italian wood-fired pizzeria. Prepared by skilled Fijian chefs, the pizzas are a fusion of traditional Italian techniques and the richness of local ingredients. You can indulge in a variety of pizzas, from classic choices like Margherita to inventive concoctions that feature local produce. Whether you’re in the mood for a meaty feast or a vegetarian delight, the menu has something to suit every palate. Each pizza is cooked to perfection in a wood-fired oven, ensuring a crispy crust and a well-blended mix of toppings.

Bar and Tropical Cocktails

To complement your pizza, the bar at Cloud 9 offers a range of refreshments, including a selection of tropical cocktails. Imagine yourself sipping a Fijian-inspired cocktail, crafted by adept bartenders, as you take in the panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean. The cocktail bar prides itself on using fresh ingredients, giving a tropical twist to each beverage. Whether you prefer a tangy, citrus-infused drink or a smooth, rum-based concoction, the experience will be nothing short of exquisite.

Planning Your Visit

When arranging your trip to Cloud 9 in Fiji, it’s essential to be mindful of their operating times, how to secure a booking, and what items to pack for an optimal experience.

Hours of Operation

Cloud 9 offers you the chance to enjoy its unique atmosphere from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Before your visit, check for any updates on their hours to ensure you make the most of this idyllic experience.

Bookings and Reservations

It’s recommended to organise your visit in advance due to the popularity of this floating paradise. You can book your experience online where the available slots are visible, making it convenient to plan ahead.

What to Bring

Remember to bring:

  • Swimwear: For a dip in the surrounding turquoise waters.
  • Sunscreen: To protect your skin while you soak in the sun.
  • A camera: Capture the beauty and uniqueness of Cloud 9.
  • Towel: To dry off after swimming or lounging.
  • Sunglasses: Keep your eyes shielded with a pair of UV-protective shades.

By considering these key points, your visit to Cloud 9 will be a remarkable and hassle-free experience that you’re sure to remember.

Sustainability and Local Engagement

Cloud 9 Fiji is not just a unique aquatic experience, but a platform that epitomises commitment to environmental stewardship and the uplifting of local communities. Your immersion into Fijian culture on this marine venue extends beyond breathtaking views; it creates a ripple effect of supporting local economies and preserving natural resources.

Supporting Local Artisans

As you step aboard Cloud 9, you’re enveloped in an authentic showcase of Fijian craftsmanship. The structure itself serves as a floating gallery, adorned with works created by local artisans. Your encounter with distinctive carvings, woven textiles, and traditional art not only enriches your cultural understanding but also sustains the livelihoods of Fijian creatives. This focus on local artisans ensures that benefits from your visit flow back into the communities, supporting their expertise and heritage.

Environmentally Conscious Practices

Cloud 9 champions practices aimed at reducing environmental impact amidst the azure waters it calls home. The commitment to sustainability is demonstrated through the use of eco-friendly materials in construction and maintenance, ensuring that your escape to this slice of paradise contributes to conservation efforts. What’s more, behind the scenes, Cloud 9 engages in rigorous waste management protocols and works continuously to minimise its carbon footprint. This dedication not only enhances your experience but also protects the spectacular Fijian marine environment for future generations.

Through spotlighting underground musicians and supporting artistry, Cloud 9 offers an escape not just in the physical sense, but as a conduit to a more connected and conscious way of travel.

Beverages Selection

When you’re lounging on Cloud 9, the floating paradise in Fiji, your experience is complemented by an array of refreshing beverages. The drinks menu is diverse, ensuring there’s something to quench every palate.

Indulge in local favourites like Fiji Gold and Fiji Bitter, classic beers brewed locally that capture the essence of the island’s spirit. These are a staple for anyone wanting to immerse themselves in the Fijian way of life. Additionally, you’ll find a variety of other local beers, offering a taste of the local craftsmanship.

For non-beer drinkers, there’s an assortment of options:

  • Soft drinks: Regular favourites including cola and lemon-lime bitters.
  • Bundaberg selections: Experience Australian craft beverages with a Fijian twist.
  • Non-alcoholic: Keep it light with a cooling ginger beer or a tropical blood orange drink.

The crafted drink selection is comprehensive and caters to all types of preferences. Whether you want a beer to sip while soaking in the sun or a non-alcoholic brew to cool off after a swim, your thirst will be satisfied here.

Please note, the menu is subject to change, and for the most recent options, you should refer directly to Cloud 9’s menu. Remember to hydrate with water alongside your choice of drinks to make the most of your surreal experience floating on the Fijian sea.

Cloud 9 As an Event Venue

Cloud 9 offers a distinctive venue floating in the heart of Fiji’s pristine waters, making it an exceptional choice for both private functions and corporate events. Experience an unforgettable event with a backdrop of the Pacific Ocean’s turquoise palette.

Hosting Private Functions

Cloud 9 caters to a range of private functions, including birthdays, hens and stag parties, and wedding celebrations. You can book the entire floating platform or opt for a half-day hire, accommodating the scale and exclusivity of your event. Guests are treated to an internationally stocked bar and Italian wood-fired pizza, with the serene waters of Fiji providing a truly unique atmosphere. For those keen on water sports, you are just a stone’s throw away from the famous Cloudbreak surf area, where experienced surfers can take on world-renowned waves.

Learn more about Cloud 9’s packages for private functions.

Corporate Events and Celebrations

For corporate occasions, Cloud 9 delivers a bespoke experience that stands apart from traditional land venues. The setting is ideal for team building, client entertainment, or celebrating company milestones. The venue’s facilities include food and beverage services, managed by an outstanding Fijian team, ensuring your event is both enjoyable and professionally coordinated. Reviews often highlight the attentive service and the one-of-a-kind location that contribute to successful and memorable corporate events.

Read reviews of Cloud 9.

Visitor Tips and Recommendations

When planning your visit to Cloud 9, consider these pointers to enhance your experience:

  • Arrival: Aim to arrive early to secure the best spots. Cloud 9 operates from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM, providing ample time for relaxation and fun.

  • Transport: Book your boat transfer in advance to avoid disappointment. The floating paradise is accessed by a boat ride, and spaces can fill up quickly.

  • Sun Protection: Fiji’s sun can be intense, so apply strong SPF sunscreen, wear a hat, and consider UV-protective swimwear.

  • Hydration: Stay hydrated in the heat by drinking plenty of water alongside your beverages.

Consider Packing:

  • Swimwear
  • Towel
  • Dry change of clothes
  • Underwater camera

Onboard Facilities:

  • International bar
  • Italian wood-fired pizzeria

Things to Remember:

  • Seasickness: If you’re prone to motion sickness, take preventative measures, as Cloud 9 does rock gently on the waves.
  • Payment Methods: Bring cash or a card, as Cloud 9 accepts both for your convenience.

Feedback and Reviews:

  • Check recent reviews to set expectations. Patrons often suggest ordering your pizza as soon as you board to minimise wait times, given the popularity of their wood-fired pizzas.

Environmental Consideration:

  • Respect the pristine nature of Fiji’s waters by avoiding littering and using reef-safe sunscreen.

By following these tips, you’re set for a memorable day at Cloud 9, where the views are unmatched and the atmosphere is buzzing with excitement and relaxation in equal measure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover essential information that will enhance your Cloud 9 experience in the waters of Fiji.

How do you get to Cloud 9 in Fiji?

You can reach Cloud 9 via a speed boat ride from Port Denarau Marina. It’s close by to several popular resorts in the region, making it highly accessible for visitors seeking to enjoy its unique atmosphere.

What are the menu options available on Cloud 9 in Fiji?

Cloud 9 offers an internationally stocked bar and a tantalising Italian wood-fired pizzeria that caters to a variety of tastes and preferences, all surrounded by Fiji’s stunning turquoise waters.

Can one smoke on the floating platform of Cloud 9?

The smoking policy on Cloud 9 in Fiji is not specifically outlined in the provided information, thus it’s advisable to check directly with the venue for their current regulations regarding smoking on the platform.

What are the review ratings for Cloud 9 and is the experience considered worthwhile?

Cloud 9 has garnered positive feedback, being rated highly for its nightlife and picturesque setting. The consensus suggests that the unique experience on this floating paradise is indeed considered worthwhile by many visitors.

How much time will one spend travelling to Cloud 9 from the main islands?

Depending on your departure point, travel time to Cloud 9 ranges from about 10 minutes from nearby islands to a 45-minute boat ride from Port Denarau, giving you a quick and scenic journey to the destination.

What are the ownership details of Cloud 9 in Fiji?

The floating platform is described as a family-run venture, meticulously crafted and operated to provide a laid-back yet classy atmosphere with a commitment to quality experiences.