Namale Resort Spa in Fiji has Incredibly Good Customer Service

Namale Resort and Spa stands out thanks to the effort they put into customer service. After a few hours into your stay at Namale it becomes obvious that management has decided to make staff friendliness and attention to detail a competitive advantage. If you’re looking for a slice of paradise to unwind and reconnect with yourself, the Namale Resort & Spa in Fiji might just be the sanctuary you seek. Perched on the edge of the Koro Sea, with its lush tropical surroundings and the serene sound of lapping waves, Namale provides an unparalleled luxury experience. This all-inclusive resort offers an idyllic blend of Fijian tradition and modern luxury, ensuring that your stay is both authentic and indulgent.

Fiji High Namale Resort

The resort boasts an array of plush accommodations, from traditionally inspired bures (Fijian villas) to lavish houses that offer privacy and panoramic views. Your culinary journey at Namale will elevate the dining experience with gourmet meals that showcase local flavours and ingredients, all included in your stay. The Namale Spa is a sanctuary of relaxation, offering a range of treatments designed to nourish body and soul amidst stunning ocean views.

Key Takeaways

  • Namale Resort & Spa is a luxury all-inclusive retreat that combines Fijian culture with modern amenities.
  • Guests can expect a variety of high-end accommodations and gourmet dining that features local tastes.
  • The resort’s spa facilities and diverse activities ensure a stay filled with relaxation and adventure.

Discovering Namale Resort and Spa

Nestled on Vanua Levu, Fiji’s second-largest island, Namale Resort and Spa beckons you to a world of luxurious all-inclusive holidaymaking. Experience the essence of tranquillity and Fijian hospitality as you step into this five-star sanctuary.

Your Accommodation:
Choose from just 23 intimate bures and villas, promising you an exclusive and serene stay. Each dwelling fuses traditional Fijian craftsmanship with modern comforts, enveloping you in luxury.

Activities for Everyone:
Whether you’re seeking adventure or relaxation, your time at Namale will be nothing short of magical.

  • Explore lush rainforests
  • Dive into cascading waterfalls
  • Unwind on idyllic beaches
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Inclusive Excellence:
Your all-inclusive stay means pleasure without the hassle. Savour gourmet dining, indulge in top-shelf drinks, and enjoy the many activities and services on offer.

Guests’ DelightsDiscover Details
CuisineFine dining with fresh, local ingredients
SeclusionOnly a limited number of guests hosted
SpaA decadent oceanfront spa awaits your visit

Ready for a holistic retreat? The spa is an oasis of relaxation; it’s not covered in the all-inclusive package, so be sure to book in advance!

Your visit to Namale Resort and Spa will leave you with memories to last a lifetime, wrapped in the lush tapestry of Fiji’s stunning natural beauty. Escape to this luxury resort and let the spirit of the island rejuvenate your soul.

Accommodations at Namale

At Namale Resort & Spa, your stay is marked by unparalleled luxury, with accommodations offering privacy and unrivalled comfort. Each villa and bure has been thoughtfully designed to provide you with a personal slice of Fijian paradise.

Privacy and Comfort

Your retreat at Namale surrounds you with an intimate atmosphere meant just for you. The private bures are ensconced amidst the natural landscape, providing serenity and solitude. Inside, you’ll find plush bedding and elegant furnishings, making each moment spent indoors as memorable as the ones outdoors. The sound of the ocean whispering through your windows ensures you’re always connected to the island’s idyllic setting.

Exclusive Amenities

Indulge in the lavish amenities tailored to make your stay at Namale exceed every expectation. Rejuvenate your senses with outdoor showers and private plunge pools, or soak in a jacuzzi while taking in the mesmerising ocean views. Every bure and villa comes equipped with five-star amenities that promise comfort and opulence at every turn.

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Opulent Villas

Namale’s opulent villas offer the peak of luxury island living. Imagine waking up to panoramic views of the ocean, sipping your morning coffee on spacious decks, and taking a dip in your private plunge pool anytime the mood strikes. With exquisite interiors that seamlessly blend traditional Fijian craftsmanship and modern luxury, your villa becomes more than just a place to stay—it becomes your personal haven.

Culinary Experience

At Namale Resort & Spa, your palate embarks on an adventure as rich and lush as Fiji’s landscape. From all-inclusive dining to private, candlelit meals in a sea cave, your taste buds are in for a sensational journey spotlighting Fijian cuisine alongside gourmet international flavours.

Gourmet Dining

Your stay at Namale includes indulging in an array of gourmet dining options that celebrate both local Fijian cuisine and international dishes. Every dish is crafted with the freshest ingredients to offer a truly memorable dining experience. You can expect a dining journey that adheres to your personal preferences while exploring an eclectic mix of tastes. Moreover, with all meals included in your stay, you can savour breakfast, lunch, and dinner without the worry of additional costs.

  • Breakfast: A tropical feast to start your day.
  • Lunch: Light, flavour-packed dishes to fuel your adventures.
  • Dinner: A multi-course affair featuring the day’s finest.
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Dining Venues

At Namale, ‘where you dine’ is equally as important as ‘what you dine on’. Their dining venues are designed to make every meal a unique experience.

  • Main Bure: Enjoy your meals with panoramic views.
  • Candlelit Sea Cave: For moments when you desire romance and exclusivity.
  • Room Service: Have fine Fijian cuisine delivered right to your door for those nights when privacy calls.

Whether dining under the stars or in the comfort of your own room, each setting is an opportunity to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Spa and Wellness

At the heart of relaxation at Namale Resort & Spa, you’ll find a world designed to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. From blissful massages to cutting-edge spa facilities, your journey to serenity begins here.

Rejuvenating Treatments

Immerse yourself in the calming embrace of our ocean-view treatment rooms. Here, you can take delight in the serene sound of waves complemented by a refreshing sea breeze. Your experience at the Valeni Sasauni Luxury Fiji Spa isn’t complete without indulging in the traditional Fijian Bobo massage, a technique steeped in local healing traditions. Spa guests often revel in the unique offers of our aromatherapy treatments, where essential oils aid in deep relaxation.

World-Class Facilities

Prepare to be astounded by our 10,000 square foot spa that sets the scene for a truly unparalleled wellness journey. You are encouraged to unwind in our spa’s hydrotherapy room, boasting state-of-the-art hydrotherapy equipment, perfect for soothing sore muscles and promoting circulation. The spa also features a tranquil aromatherapy pool. Should you desire a warm soak, delight in the use of our hot tub or allow the heat of our sauna to envelop you, completing your quest for ultimate relaxation at Namale Resort & Spa.

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Activities and Adventures

Your journey to Namale Resort & Spa is teeming with potential for both excitement and cultural enrichment. Whether you’re eager to dive into the blue Pacific waters or stay on dry land and embrace the local customs, the range of activities at this Fiji gem will keep you engaged from dawn to dusk.

Aquatic Adventures

Snorkelling and Scuba Diving: Immerse yourself in Fiji’s crystal-clear waters, aptly named the Soft Coral Capital of the World. Discover vibrant marine life as you snorkel or dive deeper into the underwater realms with scuba diving excursions.
Paddle Boarding and Kayaking: Glide across the glassy sea with paddle boarding, giving you a serene perspective of the island’s coastline, or explore hidden coves and mangroves by kayak.
Fishing: Try your hand at deep-sea fishing and see if you can reel in a mahi-mahi, tuna, or maybe even a marlin to share stories about back home.

Land Excursions

Hiking: Hike through verdant rainforests and discover breathtaking waterfalls, a hidden sanctuary away from the usual trodden paths.
Golf and Tennis: Keep up your game with exquisite golfing facilities or a match of tennis, all set against the backdrop of Fiji’s lush landscapes. Enjoy these leisurely pursuits with the added benefit of a refreshing sea breeze.
Horseback Riding: Experience horseback riding along the beach during sunset, creating memories that are nothing short of magical.

Cultural Discovery

Traditional Activities: Learn about Fijian culture through engaging in traditional activities such as weaving or coconut husking.
Cultural Entertainment: Be enthralled by cultural entertainment where Fijian decor and the harmonious sounds of Fijian language come to life in dance and music performances.
Local Knowledge: Expand your horizons by picking up a few phrases in the Fijian language or understanding the meaning behind the intricate designs in Fijian decor.

Embrace the full array of stimulating and culturally rich activities at Namale Resort & Spa. Whether it’s the allure of the ocean’s adventures or the call of the wild from the land, every moment is an opportunity for a new discovery.

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Resort Facilities and Services

Namale Resort & Spa offers a wealth of amenities designed for your ultimate comfort and enjoyment. Whether you’re after leisure or personalised attention, our exceptional service and friendly staff ensure an extraordinary stay, where each moment becomes a cherished memory.

Leisure and Recreation

At Namale Resort & Spa, your options for fun and relaxation are numerous. Indulge in leisure activities with a world-class golf simulator, perfect for honing your skills. Shoot some hoops at our fully-equipped basketball court or strike it lucky at our luxurious bowling alley. For memories that last a lifetime, explore extensive leisure amenities that cater to your every need.

Personalised Attention

With their exceptional staff to guest ratio, they pride themselves on delivering personalised service to make your stay memorable. Whether you’re celebrating your honeymoon or simply seeking a getaway, attentive staff is dedicated to creating unique experiences tailored just for you. From arranging a romantic dinner to ensuring your room has all the desired comforts, the aim is to make your time at Namale Resort & Spa unforgettable.

Planning Your Stay

When heading to Namale Resort & Spa in Fiji, a bit of planning ensures your trip is seamless and enjoyable. Here’s what you need to know to make the most of your stay, from getting there to choosing the perfect package.

Travel and Arrival

Your adventure to Namale begins at Savusavu Airport, where you’ll be warmly greeted upon landing. It’s important to have your passport ready, as you’ll go through immigration before meeting the resort’s representative. They’ll handle your luggage and provide you with a comfortable transfer to the resort. Remember to double-check your flight and resort check-in times to align them as closely as possible.

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Booking and Availability

Availability can vary throughout the year, so it’s advisable to book well in advance, especially for peak seasons. When selecting your stay, consider the all-inclusive packages which cover meals, drinks, and certain activities, giving you the freedom to enjoy without worrying about additional prices. Special packages are also available if you’re planning a honeymoon or a family holiday.

  • Check Room Types: Choose from a range of luxurious bures and villas.
  • Check Dates: Have alternative dates ready in case your first choice is booked out.
  • All-Inclusive: Review what’s included in your package to avoid surprise costs.

Special Packages

Namale offers special packages tailored to unique experiences. If you’re on your honeymoon, the Honeymoon Package adds romantic touches to your stay. For families, the Family Package might include activities and childcare services to ensure everyone has a memorable experience. Review the package details for inclusions and potential savings.

  • Honeymoon: Romantic dinners, spa treatments, and champagne.
  • Family: Kids’ club, group activities, and family-friendly accommodation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Gathering from resources and guest testimonials, this section aims to clarify common queries you may have about Namale Resort and Spa.

What are the accommodation rates for a stay at Namale Resort and Spa?

Rates at Namale Resort and Spa are luxurious, reflective of the exclusive amenities and personalised service provided. For a comprehensive look at pricing, you may consider visiting Namale Resort and Spa’s detailed listing, where rooms average $1,492 per night, contrasting with Savusavu’s typical hotel room price of around $222.

Could you tell me the best way to reach Namale Resort from Nadi International Airport?

To reach Namale Resort from Nadi International Airport, your journey will usually involve a domestic flight to Savusavu Airport followed by a short drive. Transfers can be arranged by the resort for a smooth transition into your holiday.

Fiji High Namale Resort 8

What have previous guests said about their experience at Namale Resort?

Guest reviews consistently praise the resort’s service, with many highlighting the staff’s attention to detail as a key component of their memorable stay. You can explore some of these personal stories from visitors on Tripadvisor to get a sense of what to expect.

Can you tell me who is the current owner of Namale Resort?

While ownership details can frequently change and may not always be publicly available, it’s noted that Namale Resort is generally associated with motivational speaker Tony Robbins. For the most current information, consider reaching out directly to the resort.

Is there a specific dress code to follow while dining at Namale Resort?

There’s no strict dress code for dining; however, a smart-casual approach is appreciated in the evenings. Comfort meets style in this relaxed yet refined setting.

What is the policy on cancellations at Namale Resort should travel plans change?

Namale Resort advises guests to review their cancellation policy closely at the time of booking, as it may vary depending on the booking platform and the specifics of your reservation. For more details, have a look at Namale Resort’s official guidelines.