6 Best Indian Restaurants in Nadi, Fiji

If you’re visiting Nadi and like Indian cuisine, you’re in for a treat. Here’s your Fiji High guide to the six best Indian restaurants in Nadi which are sure to get you into an exotically spicy tropical mood!


Indigo restaurant Nadi

Indigo’s menu features a wide range of appetizers, seafood, poultry, lamb, goat, biryani and vegetarian dishes. They have an extensive selection of Tandoori produscts made on site. Prices go from $12-$95 with most mains in the $30 range.

The best option on Indigo’s menu is the exquisite Masala Crab, a dish that captures the essence of Fiji’s mud crab harmoniously blended with the bold flavors of Indian spices. Picture succulent crab immersed in a velvety sauce crafted from cashews and coconut milk, heightened by the enticing aroma of curry leaves and mustard seeds. This delectable creation seamlessly merges the freshness of local seafood with the authentic taste of traditional Indian cuisine, a distinctive and spicy bite.

Find Indigo at Port Denarau Marina, phone (+679 892 2956) to make a reservation.

Red Pepper Restaurant and Bar

Red Pepper restaurant Nadi

Specialising in authentic Punjabi food, Red Pepper Restaurant and Bar is a favourite with locals who often hire space in the restaurant for wedding receptions and company celebrations. The distinctive red-topped tables and friendly staff make for a memorable meal. Red Pepper runs Daily Specials featuring $1.50 Rotis, $3.50 Cheese Naans and $9 Lamb Keema Naans.

If you turn up between 11.00am and 4.00pm, try the Lunch Thali with Fresh Punjabi Goat Curry Thali being the highest rated option. Also, their Pani Puri is a must try for just $5 for eight juicy Pani Puris.

Find Red Pepper at RB Jet Point Stage 4, Shop 3 in Martintar. Call (+679) 210 6000 to make a reservation.


Sitar Restaurant Nadi

Sitar is a fusion restaurant, featuring a selection of Indian and Thai dishes served by beaming staff and fast preparation. Prepare yourself for a surprise when you see that their specialty is… Pizza! believe it or not, Sitar makes pizza topped with Indian and Thai flavours. Think Tandoori Chicken, Onion Corriander and Capsicum, Spicy Lamb, and Roasted Pumpkin with Eggplant toppings on thin, crispy naan-like pizza bread!

Call 650 0056 to make a reservation.

Desi Hut

Desi Hut Restaurant Nadi

Desi Hut is not your average Fijian Indian restaurant because, in addition to the usual $12-$20 Thali curries (vegetarian, chicken, lamb, goat, fish and Nakai), they serve Chinese food! Well, its more Indian-Chinese than proper Chinese but that’s what makes it special. Try their Desi Style Fusion Chicken ($13) or Chinese Chillie Lamb ($12) for a taste experience you won’t find anywhere else!

Desi Hut is on Nadi Back Road in Nadi and open from 8am to 10pm Monday to Saturday (closed Sunday). call 9963819 to make a reservation.


TATAS Restaurant Nadi

Another Nadi Back Road Indian restaurant, eating at TATAS feels like you’ve arrived in Hyderabad and ordered food from a family business which has been hawking street food for generations. Sure, the place has a rough appearance and the “décor” isn’t trying to be anything but a place to sit and a place to put your food on, but the flavours are undeniably authentic. Try a selection of Chasers and the Mud Crab Curry to experience the real Indo-Fijian style of cooking.

You won’t need a reservation but call (679) 772 5353 if you want to confirm availability of the Mud Crab.

Indian Oven

Indian Oven Restaurant Nadi

Want to “Wine and Dine” Indo-Fijian style at Aliz Centre, Martintar? Then head on over to Indian Oven Restaurant for Butter Chicken paired with Butter Naan for just $15. If you don’t feel like chicken, get the Masala Lamb instead for $18. Our favourite is the Karahi Chicken with Garlic Naan for $15. Indian Oven is the sort of Indian restaurant you’d find in Parramatta or just about any local suburb in Aus. The main difference is that they serve Pizza as well. Yes, pizza with Indian food toppings.

Call (+679) 834 7205 to make a reservation at Indian Oven Restaurant.

Nadi’s Indian restaurants provide a feast for the senses, with each venue offering a unique take on the vibrant and diverse world of Indian cuisine. A meal at any one of these restaurants will add a layer of authentic experience to your Fijian trip by giving you a sense of the country’s cultural heritage beyond the idyllic island lifestyle. Whether you’re a spice enthusiast or prefer milder flavours, Nadi has the perfect Indian dining experience waiting for you!