How to Hire a Scooter or Motorbike in Fiji

You can hire a scooter/moped in Fiji but we would not advise it unless you really, really want to ride around the island with the wind in your hair. There isn’t really a market for scooter hire in Fiji, in fact there’s only one real option for scooter hire: Go Dirty Tours, which we’ve summarised below.

Before you jump to the details, let’s take a quick look at why we recommend that you hire a car instead of a scooter or motorbike:

Why You Shouldn’t Hire a Scooter in Fiji

You’re only going to be able to hire a scooter in Nadi and use it around Viti Levu’s main road system which circles the island for about 500km. If you’ve read our other transport articles, you’ll know that many of Fiji’s roads are unsealed and often potholed. 85% of the roads have no formal footpaths and 98% of them have no pedestrian crossings. They’re much better suited for cars.

Two-wheeled transport is a rarity on Fiji’s roads, so drivers and pedestrians are relatively inexperienced with the safety aspects of looking out for them. If you ride around on a scooter, expect some near-misses with other road-users. There are about 100 road accident fatalities in Fiji each year, most linked to speeding and drunk-driving.

Go Dirty Tours Wave Scooter
Go Dirty Tours Wave Scooter

Why You Should Hire a Scooter in Fiji

After you’re aware of the risks and limitations of hiring a scooter in Fiji, you may yet want to do so because, well, what’s better than zipping around the island on a moped? The advantage of scooter hire is that they’re easy to park and you can come and go as you like without having to wait for taxis.

So, why not discover the beauty of Fiji at your own pace by renting a scooter or motorbike from Go Dirty Tours. Whether you’re craving a coastal adventure or a thrilling island-wide journey, two wheels offer the perfect means of exploration.

Here’s everything you need to know about Go Dirty Tours’ scooter and motorbike rentals:

Available Models

  1. Yamaha Crypton 110cc Scooter
  • 2 Seater, Semi-Automatic, 4 Stroke
  • 1 Day (24 Hours): FJ$80
  • Damage Policy: FJ$20/day insurance (FJ$300 excess on credit card) or opt for no insurance with full payment for damages (open bond required).
Go Dirty Tours Yamaha Scooter
Go Dirty Tours Yamaha Scooter
  1. Wave 150cc Scooter
  • 2 Seater, Automatic, 4 Stroke
  • 1 Day (24 Hours): FJ$80
  • Damage Policy: Same as Yamaha Crypton.
  1. Harley Davidson 1200cc Sportster Motorbike
  • 2 Seater, Manual, 4 Stroke
  • 1 Day (24 Hours): FJ$500
  • Damage Policy: FJ$5000 bond on credit card for any damages; the policy is strictly “You scratch it – we take it.”
Go Dirty Tours Harley
Go Dirty Tours Harley
  1. Harley Davidson 1690cc Superglide Motorbike
  • 2 Seater, Manual, 4 Stroke
  • 1 Day (24 Hours): FJ$500
  • Damage Policy: Same as the Sportster model.

Important Information

  • A motorbike license is required for scooters or motorbikes over 50 CC; under 50 CC, a valid driver’s license suffices.
  • All rentals include a full tank of fuel and 3rd Party Insurance.
  • Unlimited kilometers are included in all rentals.
  • Prices are in FJD.

Collection Information

  • Pick up and drop off at the Head Office in Wailoaloa, Nadi, with free service for Nadi/Denarau area.
  • Additional charges for scooter delivery to accommodations in specific areas.

Return Policy

  • Bikes must be returned with a full tank and in clean condition.
  • Fuel refill charged at FJ$4.00/litre if needed.
  • Cleaning fee applies for bikes not returned in a clean state.

Enjoy your Fijian adventure with the freedom of two wheels from Go Dirty Tours. Book your scooter or motorbike now and set the wheels in motion for an unforgettable journey across the islands. Call them on (+679) 992 8162 or see their website to book.