Cost of Travelling in Fiji (Easy Guide to Budgeting Your Island Getaway)

Want to know the cost of travel to Fiji with unforgettable experiences? We can give you a pretty good idea of what you’ll spend on your dream holiday. Here’s a budget plan for a four-day getaway for two Australians departing from Sydney in peak season, considering both budget-conscious and luxury options:

Budget-conscious Option:

  1. Transportation:
  • Round-trip flights for two: $1600 – $2400
  • Airport transfers: $50 – $100
  • Total: $1650 – $2500
  1. Accommodation:
  • Budget hotel: $80 – $120 per night
  • Total (3 nights): $240 – $360
  1. Meals:
  • Breakfast: $10 – $20 per person per meal
  • Lunch: $15 – $30 per person per meal
  • Dinner: $20 – $50 per person per meal
  • Total (4 days): $500 – $1200
  1. Activities:
  • Sightseeing tours: $50 – $100 per person per tour
  • Water sports (snorkeling, diving, etc.): $50 – $200 per person
  • Cultural experiences: $20 – $50 per person
  • Total: $240 – $700
  1. Miscellaneous:
  • Souvenirs and gifts: $100 – $200
  • Tips and gratuities: $50 – $100
  • Total: $150 – $300

Total estimated budget range for a four-day getaway for two (budget-conscious option): $2780 – $5060

Luxury Option:

  1. Transportation:
  • Round-trip flights for two (business class): $5000 – $8000
  • Airport transfers (luxury car service): $200 – $400
  • Total: $5200 – $8400
  1. Accommodation:
  • Luxury resort: $500 – $1000 per night
  • Total (3 nights): $1500 – $3000
  1. Meals:
  • Fine dining: $100 – $200 per person per meal
  • Total (4 days): $1600 – $3200
  1. Activities:
  • Exclusive tours and experiences: $200 – $500 per person
  • Spa treatments: $100 – $300 per person
  • Total: $600 – $1600
  1. Miscellaneous:
  • High-end souvenirs and gifts: $200 – $500
  • Luxury services and amenities: $200 – $500
  • Total: $400 – $1000

Total estimated budget range for a four-day getaway for two (luxury option): $9300 – $18200

This comparison highlights the significant difference in costs between budget-conscious and luxury options for a getaway to Fiji. Depending on your preferences and financial situation, you can choose the option that best suits your needs.

Overview of Travel Costs in Fiji

When planning your trip to Fiji, it’s essential to be aware of the daily expenses and the role of the local currency. Keeping this in mind will help you create a realistic budget for your adventure.

Budgeting for Your Trip to Fiji

To accurately plan your finances for a Fiji getaway, consider the type of travel experience you’re aiming for. Budget travellers might spend an average of FJ$3,500 for two weeks, while those preferring a mid-range trip should expect costs around FJ$7,000. For a luxury vacation, the costs can surge to about FJ$10,500. Daily costs in Fiji are approximately FJ$388 per person, which covers accommodation, meals, transportation, and typical tourist activities.

  • Average Costs:
    • Accommodation: FJ$473 per night for hotels
    • Meals: FJ$87 per day
    • Local Transportation: FJ$20 per day
    • Activities: This will vary based on personal interests and choices

Bear in mind these are average figures; your expenses will fluctuate based on your selections and the prevailing economic conditions.

Understanding the Fijian Dollar

The Fijian Dollar (FJ$), Fiji’s official currency, is crucial for your expenses while in Fiji. Currency exchange rates can affect your budget, so keep an eye on the current exchange rates and factor this into your planning. For simplicity’s sake, you might want to exchange some currency beforehand to avoid any inconvenience upon arrival.

Here’s a quick reference for typical costs:

  • Meals: Casual dining ~ FJ$10–30, Fine dining ~ FJ$50 and up
  • Transportation: Buses and minibuses are an affordable way to travel, while taxis and rental cars will cost more.
  • Activities: Prices vary widely, with free or low-cost options like beaches to more expensive guided tours or water sports.

Always use the current exchange rates to estimate your costs in your local currency.

Accommodation Options

When planning your holiday in Fiji, you’ve got a blend of accommodation types to suit your budget and style. From lavish luxury resorts to cosy budget hotels and hostels, or even independent stays, the islands cater to all.

Luxury Resorts

Fiji’s luxury resorts offer exquisite amenities and unparalleled service. Picture yourself in a beachfront villa with private plunge pools, spa services, and gourmet dining. Prices for a luxury stay can reach up to FJ$10,500 for a lavish experience. These resorts often include perks like complimentary breakfast and potential room upgrades.

Budget Hotels and Hostels

For travellers keeping an eye on their expenses, budget hotels and hostels in Fiji present a surprisingly affordable option. You can find comfortable accommodation without breaking the bank; a one-week stay can cost around FJ$1,347. Hostels provide a social atmosphere and are perfect for backpackers or solo travellers looking to meet fellow adventurers.

Independent Travel Stays

If you crave a more personalised or secluded holiday, consider an independent stay. This could be a rental apartment, a secluded cottage, or a homestay with locals. This accommodation choice allows you to explore the Fiji Islands at your pace and provides a more authentic experience of Fijian life.

Eating and Drinking

While travelling in Fiji, you’ll find a delightful range of dining options, each catering to different budgets and tastes. From upscale restaurants to local markets, the choices are diverse, ensuring your culinary journey is as rich as the Fijian culture.

Restaurant Meals

Dining at local restaurants often provides a mid-range option for experiencing Fijian cuisine. At breakfast or lunch, you might spend approximately FJ$30-FJ$50. For dinner, the price tends to be higher, especially if you’re ordering seafood or a dish with international flair. Don’t forget to try a traditional Fijian lovo feast, which is a little pricier but a must-try experience.

  • Sample restaurant prices (per person):
    • Breakfast: FJ$15 – FJ$30
    • Lunch: FJ$25 – FJ$50
    • Dinner: FJ$50 – FJ$100
    • Cocktail: FJ$20 – FJ$30
    • Wine/Beer: FJ$10 – FJ$20

Local Street Food

Embrace the flavours of Fiji with street food, an affordable way to enjoy authentic Fijian fare. Starting at around FJ$5, you can indulge in a variety of snacks or a light meal. Sipping on a soft drink or bottled water while exploring the street food scene will often cost you less than FJ$5.

  • Street food prices (approximate):
    • Snacks/Small meals: FJ$5 – FJ$15
    • Soft drink/Bottled water: FJ$2 – FJ$5

Groceries and Cooking

If you’re staying somewhere with kitchen facilities, visiting a supermarket to cook your meals can be a budget-friendly option. Basic groceries for breakfast or lunch might cost around FJ$20-FJ$40 daily. Local markets are a treasure trove for fresh produce, offering you an insight into Fijian life while saving on costs.

  • Grocery costs (daily estimate):
    • Breakfast/Lunch groceries: FJ$20 – FJ$40
    • Beer (six-pack): FJ$15 – FJ$25
    • Bottle of wine: FJ$20 – FJ$50

Getting Around Fiji

When planning your travels around Fiji, considering how you’ll get from one stunning location to another is as important as choosing your accommodations. You have various transport options ranging from budget-friendly buses to more private rental vehicles, right through to the necessary arrangements for island hopping.

Public Transportation

Public buses in Fiji are a reliable and economical choice for getting around the larger islands like Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. The fares are often as low as FJ$0.70 and typically do not exceed FJ$20. You’ll find that these buses provide a genuine Fijian experience, as they are a common choice for the locals.

  • Bus Routes: covers the coastline and inland areas
  • Fare Range: from FJ$0.70 to about FJ$20
  • Experience: a chance to immerse yourself in local culture

Rental Cars and Taxis

For greater flexibility, you might consider renting a car. Rental car services are available at the Nadi International Airport as well as other locations on the major islands. The cost of rental varies with the type of vehicle and length of rental period. Taxis are also readily available, especially in tourist areas, and can be a convenient, though more costly, mode of transport.

  • Car Rental: varies, check local providers for accurate pricing
  • Taxi: metered in urban areas; negotiate fare beforehand in rural areas

Inter-Island Travel

To reach the Mamanuca Islands, Yasawa Islands, or any of the other surrounding islands, there are several options available. You can take a domestic flight if you are pressed for time or need to get to a distant island like Taveuni. Alternatively, for transport to ports such as Port Denarau, consider using ferries which offer a stunning view of the Pacific and are perfect for those on a mid-range budget.

  • Flights: quick, for distant or remote islands
  • Ferries: scenic, cost-effective, connect to major islands such as the Mamanucas and Yasawas

Activities and Attractions

Exploring Fiji offers an array of activities and attractions, from the serene to the adventurous. Get ready to immerse yourself in everything from diving in pristine waters to discovering rich cultural heritage.

Beaches and Water Sports

Fiji’s beaches are renowned for their powdery white sand and crystal-clear waters. Snorkelling and diving are must-do activities, allowing you to get up close to vibrant coral reefs teeming with marine life. Consider visiting famous spots like the Yasawa Islands, where the conditions are perfect for water sports.

  • Snorkelling: Experience the abundant sea life at Coral Coast.
  • Surfing: Catch world-class waves at Cloudbreak.
  • Kayaking: Paddle around the calm waters of Mamanuca Islands.

Nature and Wildlife

The rainforests of Fiji are as inviting as its beaches. Trekking through lush landscapes, you’ll encounter a variety of flora and fauna unique to the region. For a truly breathtaking experience, visit the Bouma National Heritage Park on Taveuni Island, which is also known as the ‘Garden Island’ of Fiji.

  • Hiking: Explore the trails of the Colo-i-Suva Forest Park.
  • Wildlife Watching: Spot exotic birds and reptiles within Fiji’s protected areas.

Cultural and Historical Sites

Your trip to Fiji wouldn’t be complete without delving into its rich cultural tapestry. Villages throughout the archipelago offer cultural experiences that include traditional Fijian ceremonies and dances. Historical landmarks such as the Levuka town on Ovalau, a UNESCO World Heritage site, give you a glimpse into Fiji’s colonial past.

  • Village Tours: Engage with local customs at a Fijian village.
  • Historical Exploration: Visit the Fiji Museum in the capital city of Suva for insights into the country’s history.