Fiji Quick Duty-Free Arrival Guide for Travelers

Bula! Here’s a handy guide to duty-free allowances and restrictions so you can breeze through the customs requirements when you arrive in Fiji:

Personal Effects: A Touch of Home

Feel free to bring in your clothing, toiletries, personal jewelry (including watches), cameras, and laptops. As long as they’re for your personal use, not intended as gifts or for sale, and have been used before importation, they’re all duty-free.

Arriving in Fiji

Alcohol and Tobacco Duty-Free Allowances

If you’re 18 years or older, you can import tobacco products and alcoholic beverages free of customs duty, as long as:

  • You’re not less than 18 years old.
  • The goods are not for sale.
  • The goods accompany you at the time of final disembarkation.
  • You’re not playing courier for someone else.
Fiji Duty Free Cigarettes

Cigarettes, Cigars, Tobacco Allowances (Normal Passenger Allowance):

  • Cigarettes: Not exceeding 200 sticks (that’s 10 20-packs)
  • Cigars: Not exceeding 200g net weight
  • Tobacco: Not exceeding 200g net weight
  • Any combination of the above, but not exceeding 200g net weight
Fiji Duty-Free Alcohol Allowance

Alcoholic Beverages:

  • Spirituous Liquors: Not exceeding 2.25 liters (like 3 normal bottles or two big 1L Jim Beams)
  • Wine: Not exceeding 4.5 liters (about 6 bottles)
  • Beer: Not exceeding 4.5 liters (about 9 pints or 13 stubbies)
  • Any combination of the above, as long as it doesn’t exceed the equivalent quantity under liquor, wine, and beer.

Fiji Arrival Form

Here’s what the Fiji Islands Arrival Card looks like (click to download the full form):

Before You Land: Declarations

Before your flight touches down, you’ll receive a Fiji passenger arrival card (see above). Make sure to fill it out clearly for each passenger. In the Customs section, tick ‘yes’ if you’re bringing in any prohibited or restricted imports. For the full list, check the Prohibited Imports and Exports Regulations 1986. Its a good idea to pack a pen in your carry-on!

Passenger Allowance: Know the Limits

There’s a normal passenger allowance, but if you’re carrying goods for commercial purposes, valued over FJ$1000 (that’s about AUD$680 or USD$450), or professional equipment, be prepared to declare them. Bring receipts for any overseas purchases, too; it helps determine the correct value.

Declaration of Currency: Don’t Forget Cash

If you’re carrying USD$10,000 or more in Fijian or foreign currency, declare it on the Border Currency Reporting form. Remember, honesty is the best policy!

Primary Line Clearance: Smooth Immigration

Present your completed arrival card, passport, and any other documents to the Primary Line officer for immigration clearance. Smile for your first Bula!

Baggage Collection and Duty-Free Shopping: Island Style

After immigration clearance, collect your baggage and indulge in duty-free shopping. Ensure your duty-free items align with the normal passenger allowance to avoid extra charges.

Customs Clearance: Keep it Transparent

While passing through the baggage examination area, declare any dutiable goods on your arrival card. Be ready for a potential search by border enforcement agencies.

Fiji Biosecurity

Biosecurity Matters: Protecting Paradise

Declare all risk goods like food, animals, plants, and more to Biosecurity Officers. Use Biosecurity Amnesty Bins for undeclared items. Breaches can lead to fines, so play it safe!

Import Restrictions: What You Can’t Bring

Certain weapons are restricted, and firearms need an import permit. Prohibited goods won’t make it past the border. Play by the rules, and you’ll breeze through.

Currency Restrictions: Stay Informed

Strict rules govern bringing in currency. Declare amounts over $10,000 and fill out the Border Currency Reporting form.

Drug Offenses: Strictly Forbidden

Don’t even think about smuggling drugs into Fiji. Heavy penalties await offenders. Stay on the right side of the law!

Reporting Suspicions: Be a Responsible Traveler

If you suspect drug-related activities, report it promptly to You play a crucial role in keeping Fiji safe.

Telecommunications Equipment: Restricted Entry

Radio transmitters and telecommunications equipment need an import permit from the Telecommunication Authority of Fiji.

Fiji Pets on Arrival

Domestic Pets and Endangered Species: Play by the Rules

Strict rules apply to importing pets and items from endangered species. Check regulations with Biosecurity and the Fiji CITES Management Authority.

Commercial Goods: Declare and Clear

For commercial goods, declare on your arrival card. Clear goods valued under FJ$1000 at the airport, while higher values require processing and clearance.

Time to Explore!

With customs cleared and regulations understood, it’s time to explore Fiji. Enjoy your stay, embrace the Fijian spirit, and make memories that will last a lifetime. Vinaka vakalevu (thank you) for choosing Fiji! 🌺🏝️