Flight Times to Fiji from Top Hubs!

Flight Times to Fiji (Nadi International Airport) from Top Hubs! So, Fiji is this incredible group of islands nestled in the South Pacific Ocean, kind of like a gem waiting to be discovered. Now, its location is pretty special—it’s quite far from some places, but that’s what makes the journey an adventure!

Because Fiji is kinda in the middle of the ocean, not all airlines fly directly there from every corner of the world. But hey, don’t fret! Major airlines like Fiji Airways, Air New Zealand, Virgin Australia, and a bunch of others make it super easy to hop on a plane and land in this paradise.

Depending on where you’re starting your journey, you might have a layover in a cool city. But hey, that’s a chance to explore a bit more! Just check out the airlines that fly to Fiji from your home, and you’ll be all set for an amazing island getaway. This is how long it takes to fly there:

North America:

Los Angeles (LAX), USA:

  • Flight Time: Approximately 10 hours

New York (JFK), USA:

  • Flight Time: About 17 hours (with layovers)

Toronto Pearson (YYZ), Canada:

  • Flight Time: About 17 hours (with layovers)

Vancouver (YVR), Canada:

  • Flight Time: About 16 hours (with layovers)

Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW), USA:

  • Flight Time: Roughly 14 hours (with layovers)

San Francisco (SFO), USA:

  • Flight Time: Roughly 11 hours


London Heathrow (LHR), UK:

  • Flight Time: Around 23 hours (with layovers)

Paris Charles de Gaulle (CDG), France:

  • Flight Time: Approximately 23 hours (with layovers)

Frankfurt (FRA), Germany:

  • Flight Time: Approximately 23 hours (with layovers)

Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS), Netherlands:

  • Flight Time: About 23 hours (with layovers)


Sydney (SYD), Australia:

  • Flight Time: Roughly 4 hours

Auckland (AKL), New Zealand:

  • Flight Time: Around 4.5 hours

Melbourne (MEL), Australia:

  • Flight Time: Roughly 5 hours
Fiji Airways In-Flight Video


Dubai International (DXB), UAE:

Flight Time: Approximately 21 hours (with layovers)

Singapore Changi (SIN), Singapore:

Flight Time: Around 10 hours

Hong Kong (HKG), China:

Flight Time: About 11 hours

Tokyo Haneda (HND), Japan:

Flight Time: Approximately 10 hours

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi (BKK), Thailand:

Flight Time: Approximately 11 hours

Seoul Incheon (ICN), South Korea:

Flight Time: Around 11 hours

How long is the flight to Fiji

How Long is the Flight to Fiji?

If you’re kickstarting your journey from North America, like Los Angeles, you’ll be diving into the Fiji fun in just about 10 hours. Imagine watching a couple of your favorite movies and bam, you’re there!

Now, if you’re coming from the cool spots in Europe like London or Paris, get set for a bit of a longer ride—around 23 hours. That’s like watching your favorite series, plus a little nap, and you’re landing in paradise!

Aussies and Kiwis, your flight is a breeze! If you’re jetting in from Sydney or Auckland, you’ll be sipping on coconut water in Fiji in about 4 to 5 hours. That’s shorter than a school day!

And for all the cool cats from Asia, whether you’re coming from Singapore or Hong Kong, gear up for a flight of around 10 to 11 hours. You could binge-watch a whole season of your favorite show, and voila, Fiji awaits!

So, buckle up, pack your sunnies, and get ready for the tropical magic of Fiji! Pack your bags and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime! Fiji awaits you! Safe travels!