Sigatoka 2 Day Awesome Explore Plan

If you have two days to spare in Sigatoka, Fiji, do yourself a favour by following this awesomely easy plan:

Day 1: Nature and Culture

8:00 am – Sigatoka Sand Dunes:
Begin your day with a visit to the Sigatoka Sand Dunes, a stunning natural reserve. Explore the dunes, witness the unique flora and fauna, and enjoy breathtaking views of the coastline.

Sigatoka Sand Dunes

10:00 am – Sigatoka Valley Drive:
Take a scenic drive through the picturesque Sigatoka Valley. Marvel at the lush landscapes, traditional Fijian villages, and the tranquil Sigatoka River. To learn more about driving in Fiji read our “Driving in Fiji” guide!

12:00 pm – Tavuni Hill Fort:
Discover Fiji’s rich history at the Tavuni Hill Fort. Explore the ancient fortifications, soak in panoramic views, and delve into the cultural significance of this historical site.

2:00 pm – Market Exploration and Culinary Delights:
Head to the bustling market in town for a taste of local life (you can’t miss it). Try the vegetarian Thali at Shiva’s restaurant, eat Samosas and Bara at Go Kools, and explore the best food that Sigatoka has to offer.

4:00 pm – Rugby Immersion:
Experience the rugby walk of fame, celebrating Fiji’s passion for rugby. It’s a great way to immerse yourself in the local sports culture and perhaps catch a game if available. Head to the main street of Sigatoka and start with Campese’s plaque in front of the Safari Shop.

Day 2: Adventure and Relaxation

8:00 am – Hot Glass Fiji & Lancaster Press:
Witness the art of glassblowing at Hot Glass Fiji in Korotogo (located along tranquil Sunset Strip, their workshop and gallery is perched on the hillside overlooking the sea) and explore Lancaster Press in Malaqereqere (Temple Road) for unique artistic expressions.

Glass Blowing

10:00 am – Bula Coffee Farm:
Visit the Bula coffee farm and learn about the cultivation and production of Fijian coffee. Enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee amid picturesque surroundings.

12:00 pm – Sigatoka River Safari & Naihehe Cave Trip:
Adventure on a thrilling Sigatoka River Safari, exploring the scenic river and its surroundings. Continue your adventure with a trip to the mysterious Naihehe Cave, known for its historical significance.

3:00 pm – Kula Eco Park & Ecotrax in Cuvu:
Experience wildlife at Kula Eco Park, home to diverse Fijian flora and fauna. Enjoy a leisurely ride on the Ecotrax rail bikes in Cuvu, offering a unique perspective of the lush landscapes.

Snooker in Sigatoka

6:00 pm – Sigatoka Club and Natadola Beach:
Wrap up your exploration with a game of snooker and a refreshing beer at Sigatoka Club. Finally, unwind at Natadola Beach, known for its pristine sands and stunning sunsets.

This two-day awesome itinerary provides the perfect blend of nature, culture, adventure, and relaxation, ensuring a memorable experience in Sigatoka, Fiji. Adjust activities based on personal preferences and enjoy the diverse offerings this region has to offer.