What does “Fiji Time” Mean?

Even before you step into Fiji, get ready to accept a unique concept that defines the local way of life – “Fiji Time.” Fiji Time isn’t just about minutes and hours; it’s a lifestyle, a laid-back approach to time that reflects the relaxed and unhurried pace of the Fijian islands.

What is Fiji Time?

“Fiji Time” is the unhurried, relaxed attitude towards time that is deeply ingrained in Fijian culture. It’s an acknowledgment that things may not always run on a strict schedule, and there’s a willingness to go with the flow and enjoy the present moment.

This means that sometimes your tour guide will not show up on time.

Your taxi booking may be delayed.

The show might not start at the advertised time.

Fiji Time on the Beach

How Long Will it Take?

If you’re in the habit of asking people how long something will take, prepare yourself for some frustration! People on Fiji Time don’t think or plan in terms of duration.

When something (a performance, a dance session, drinks on the beach) is happening, it is happening. Now.

When will it end?


This, now?


How can Now ever end?

You’re in it. The moment. If you don’t go anywhere it won’t go anywhere either.

Relax. Enjoy. It ends when you do.

Fiji Time, it's an invitation to slow down

Approaching Fiji Time

  1. Relax and Unwind: When you hear someone mention Fiji Time, it’s an invitation to slow down. Take a deep breath, enjoy the surroundings, and let go of the rush. Holiday Mode People!
  2. Flexibility is Key: Schedules might not always be followed strictly. Be open to changes and enjoy the unexpected.
  3. Engage with Locals: Embrace the chance to connect with locals. Fiji Time often leads to friendly conversations, laughter, and a genuine sense of community. Forget the Rat Race!

The History of Fiji Time

While there’s no precise historical origin of the term, it aligns with the cultural values of the Fijian people. It reflects the islands’ laid-back atmosphere and the prioritization of relationships and well-being over the constant ticking of the clock.

When you live in a tropical paradise, it’s much easier to slow down and smell the hibiscus.

Fiji Time you're just waiting for the coconut to drop!

Is Fiji Time the Same as Island Time?

Yes, Fiji Time is akin to the broader concept of “Island Time” found in many tropical destinations. It’s a mindset that prioritizes the present moment over strict schedules.

To really “get” Fiji Time, consider the coconut. This bounteous fruit of many uses takes a full year to ripen slowly on the tree.

Slowly, peacefully. No rush. Just leave it alone to enjoy the sun and sea breeze.

When it is finally ripe, it helpfully falls off the tree and onto the pristine sand, ready to be picked up and enjoyed by a casual passer-by.

When you’re on Fiji Time you’re just waiting for the coconut to drop! There’s no need to dig a hole, plant a seed, cultivate a garden, climb a tree, or shoo the birds.

Just wait.

The coconut will drop.

Glorification of the Lazy Lifestyle

Just remember that the people of Fiji are not lazy! Contrary to seeing Fiji Time as laziness, it embodies a focus on enjoying life, valuing relationships, and appreciating the beauty of the islands. It’s not about being lazy; it’s about enjoying every moment.

So, when you hear “Fiji Time,” take it as an invitation to immerse yourself in the unhurried rhythm of the islands, where time is a companion, not a master.