Best Dive Resorts in Fiji, No Question!

These are the best resorts for diving in Fiji:

  1. Taveuni Island Resort & Spa: Located on the picturesque island of Taveuni, this luxury resort offers easy access to some of Fiji’s best dive sites, including the world-renowned Rainbow Reef. The resort’s PADI-certified dive center offers a range of courses and guided dives for divers of all levels.
  2. Matangi Private Island Resort: Situated on its own private island, Matangi Resort is surrounded by pristine coral reefs teeming with marine life. Divers can explore vibrant coral gardens, swim-throughs, and underwater caves, with the chance to encounter sharks, rays, and turtles.
  3. Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort: Named after the legendary oceanographer, this eco-friendly resort in Savusavu offers exceptional diving experiences in the protected waters of Natewa Bay. Guests can dive alongside resident marine biologists and explore colorful reefs, bommies, and pinnacles.
  4. Beqa Lagoon Resort: Located on the southern coast of Viti Levu, Beqa Lagoon Resort is renowned for its thrilling shark dives. Divers can experience up-close encounters with bull sharks, tiger sharks, and other species in the nutrient-rich waters of Beqa Lagoon.
  5. Volivoli Beach Resort: Situated on the Suncoast of Viti Levu, Volivoli Beach Resort offers access to some of Fiji’s most diverse dive sites, including the famous Bligh Waters. The resort’s PADI 5-star dive center caters to both beginner and experienced divers, with opportunities for wreck diving, drift diving, and shark encounters.
  6. Wakaya Club & Spa: Located on the private island of Wakaya, this exclusive resort offers world-class diving in the pristine waters of the Wakaya Pass. Guests can explore colorful coral gardens, underwater caves, and walls teeming with fish, sharks, and pelagics.

These dive resorts offer luxurious accommodations, top-notch amenities, and unforgettable diving experiences, making them ideal destinations for diving enthusiasts visiting Fiji. This is why:

Overview of Fiji Dive Resorts

In Fiji, you can immerse yourself in one of the world’s premier dive destinations, known for its vibrant soft corals and a wide array of resorts catering to aquatic adventures.

Why Fiji is the Soft Coral Capital of the World

Fiji has earned its title as the Soft Coral Capital of the World thanks to the almost 400 species of soft coral populating its waters. These underwater gardens are awash with colour and life, providing a spectacular backdrop for your dives. The coral reefs are supported by nutrient-rich currents, creating ideal conditions for soft corals to thrive and for you to witness a breathtaking underwater ecosystem.

Variety of Dive Resorts in Fiji

Whether you’re after luxury or budget-friendly options, the dive resorts in Fiji cater to your needs and preferences. Resorts are located across the nation’s islands, offering more than just proximity to celebrated dive sites; they also come with a range of amenities from free WiFi to swimming pools.

  • Luxury Dive Resorts: For those seeking a premium experience, you can find resorts offering upscale accommodations, gourmet dining, and additional services like spa treatments, alongside exceptional diving.
  • Budget Dive Resorts: If you’re looking to stretch your dollars, budget resorts offer affordable accommodations with easy access to dive sites, ensuring a memorable experience without breaking the bank.

Fiji’s Notable Dive Sites

Fiji is often called the “Soft Coral Capital of the World,” and your dive adventure here will not disappoint. With sites famous for vibrant coral reefs, abundant marine life, and adrenaline-pumping shark encounters, you’re set for an unforgettable underwater experience.

The Mesmerising Beqa Lagoon

Location: Beqa Lagoon, Near Viti Levu


  • Coral Gardens: Dive into a kaleidoscope of colour within the soft corals.
  • Cathedral: An awe-inspiring dive spot with a chance to see reef sharks.

Beqa Lagoon offers a spectrum of scuba diving experiences surrounded by one of the world’s largest barrier reefs. You’ll find yourself enchanted by the lagoon’s tranquil waters, where visibility often exceeds 30 metres. The renowned ‘Cathedral’ dive site is particularly spellbinding – offering both beauty and the occasional thrum of excitement when reef sharks glide into view.

The Enchanting Rainbow Reef and Somosomo Strait

Location: Between Taveuni and Vanua Levu


  • Great White Wall: A breath-taking drop-off covered in soft white corals.
  • The Zoo: Renowned for its diverse marine life and vibrant colours.

The Somosomo Strait’s swift currents bring a plethora of nutrients that feed the Rainbow Reef’s soft corals, creating a stunning underwater rainbow that’ll leave you amazed. The ‘Great White Wall’ is often the standout site for many divers, offering a dramatic landscape that feels from another world. Remember, these waters tend to have currents, so they’re best suited for the adventurous diver.

Thrilling Shark Dives in Beqa and Pacific Harbour


  • Beqa: Famous Shark Diving Area
  • Pacific Harbour: Another hub for shark encounters

Shark Diving Experiences:

  • Shark Feeding: Witness bull and tiger sharks up close during controlled dives.
  • Conservation Efforts: Learn about local initiatives to protect these apex predators.

For those seeking a dive with a difference, the shark dives in Beqa Lagoon and Pacific Harbour offer a riveting yet safe experience. Operators here are skilled in facilitating shark feeding dives, allowing you an up-close interaction with bull sharks, tiger sharks, and more. It’s a heart-pounding activity that also educates divers on the importance of shark conservation in Fiji’s waters.

Top Dive Resorts by Region

Fiji’s diverse islands offer a variety of dive resorts perfect for every taste. Whether you’re seeking luxury or want to explore untouched marine environments, you’ll find a destination tailored to your diving desires.

Luxury and Serenity in Savusavu

In Savusavu, you can indulge in luxury while being steps away from some of Fiji’s most acclaimed dive spots. The calm and clear waters are a sanctuary for both novice and experienced divers looking for serenity under the sea.

Taveuni’s Dive Havens

Taveuni, known as the ‘Garden Island’, is not only lush on land but also beneath the waves. Resorts like Paradise Taveuni and Taveuni Dive Resort cater to your every need, ensuring that your dives are as breathtaking as your accommodation.

The Untouched Beauty of Kadavu

Kadavu Island is a secluded paradise, home to the world-famous Great Astrolabe Reef. Here, dive resorts offer a gateway to one of the world’s largest barrier reefs, providing an escape into an underwater utopia teeming with life.

Vanua Levu’s Hidden Gems

On Vanua Levu, you’ll discover hidden gems that blend world-class diving with Fijian hospitality. Whether it’s the vibrant coral gardens or encounters with the diverse marine life, the dive resorts here promise an unforgettable adventure.

Accommodation and Amenities

Fiji presents a range of dive resorts to suit every traveller’s budget and style, ensuring you find the perfect spot to relax after exploring underwater wonders. Whether you’re seeking an affordable retreat or the luxury of a high-end bure with stunning ocean views, your options are diverse, offering amenities from infinity pools to eco-friendly practices.

Choosing the Right Resort for Your Budget

When planning your Fiji dive holiday, consider resorts that provide great value for your budget. Affordable resorts often boast comfortable accommodations and are conveniently positioned near exceptional dive sites. You’ll find that budget-friendly options don’t skimp on necessities and can still offer access to superb amenities such as swimming pools and on-site dining.

High-End Luxury Bures and Infinity Pools

For those of you inclined towards luxury, opt for a high-end bure. These traditional wood and straw huts have been transformed into lavish accommodations that blend Fijian culture with modern comforts. Imagine waking up to an infinity pool just steps away from your door, offering uninterrupted views of the Pacific Ocean—a hallmark of luxury dive resorts in Fiji.

Eco-Friendly Stays and Family-Friendly Options

If your preferences lean towards sustainability, Fiji has eco-friendly resorts that emphasise conservation without compromising on quality or comfort. Embrace stays that have implemented green initiatives and are dedicated to preserving the marine environment you’re there to enjoy. Moreover, many resorts cater to families, ensuring that guests of all ages have a memorable and comfortable stay with appropriate amenities.

Diving Services and Conservation

When choosing your dive resort in Fiji, you’ll find that many offer on-site PADI or SSI accredited dive centres. These facilities are equipped to provide you with a range of dive courses, whether you’re a beginner looking to get your feet wet with an Open Water Diver certification, or an experienced diver interested in advanced courses.

In terms of conservation, Fiji is home to the esteemed Namena Marine Reserve, a haven for marine-life and a model for successful conservation efforts. By diving here, you’re supporting a protected area that helps preserve Fiji’s underwater biodiversity.

Here’s a brief glance at how dive resorts in Fiji marry diving services with conservation:

  • Courses and Certification: Many resorts offer a range of dive courses from entry level to advanced specialities. Learning to dive in Fiji isn’t just about the experience; it’s about understanding the marine ecosystem and your role in protecting it.
  • Conservation Efforts: Resorts like the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort not only provide exceptional diving opportunities but also emphasise the importance of marine conservation through educational programs and eco-friendly practices.
Dive Course OfferingsConservation Initiatives
Open Water DiverEco-Tours
Advanced Open Water DiverReef Conservation Projects
Speciality Diver CoursesMarine Biology Workshops

By patronising resorts that actively engage in conservation, you’re contributing to the sustainability of Fiji’s aquatic treasures. So as you embark on your underwater adventures, cherish the vibrant marine life and remember your impact extends beyond your dive – you’re part of a much bigger effort to preserve the ocean’s beauty for future generations.