Treasure Island Resort in Fiji will keep your Family Entertained

If yours is an adventure-seeking family which demands to be entertained at every hour of the day, then Treasure Island Resort is what you’re looking for. Lying within the heart of Fiji’s pristine Mamanuca Islands, Treasure Island Resort offers an escape to a world of tropical bliss and luxury. Surrounded by the glistening turquoise waters of the South Pacific, the resort is a family-friendly haven that promises a harmonious blend of relaxation and adventure. Whether you’re seeking a romantic getaway or a fun-packed family holiday, Treasure Island provides a picturesque backdrop against which you can create unforgettable memories.

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As you step onto the soft, white sandy beaches of Treasure Island, you’re immediately welcomed by the warm hospitality for which Fiji is renowned. The resort offers a multitude of activities and entertainment to fill your days, from turtle feeding to water sports, ensuring that every moment of your stay is as active or serene as you desire. With an emphasis on eco-friendly practices, you can enjoy the natural beauty of Fiji with peace of mind, knowing that your stay supports sustainable initiatives.

Key Takeaways

  • Treasure Island Resort is a family-friendly destination with diverse activities in the Mamanuca Islands.
  • Guests can look forward to an authentic Fijian experience with luxury comforts and sustainable practices.
  • The resort offers a rich blend of cultural insights, exceptional facilities, and stunning natural beauty.

Resort Overview

Treasure Island Resort in Fiji is renowned for its pristine beaches, luxurious accommodations, and exquisite dining, making it a paradisiacal escape in the heart of the Mamanucas. Whether you’re after romance or family fun, you’ll find it here on this picturesque private island.

Location & Ambiance

Set amidst the renowned Mamanuca Islands, Treasure Island Resort Fiji is situated on its own private island, offering you breathtaking ocean views from dawn till dusk. The ambiance here strikes a delightful balance between rustic charm and luxury, ensuring a getaway that feels both down-to-earth yet indulgent. The island’s environment exudes tranquility with its soft, white sandy beaches and the soothing sounds of the ocean, creating a serene backdrop to your holiday.

Accommodation Types

Your stay at Treasure Island Resort can be as intimate or as communal as you’d like, with a range of accommodation options to suit. Choose from the Oceanview Bure with stunning vistas of the Pacific, the Premium Beachfront Bure for footsteps-in-the-sand convenience, or interconnecting bures that are perfect for families needing extra space. Each dwelling encapsulates the spirit of Fiji with modern touches and traditional Fijian craftsmanship.

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Dining Experience

At the heart of the resort’s dining experience is Eluvuka Restaurant, where each meal presents a feast for the senses. The menu here often features bountiful buffets allowing you to sample a variety of local and international dishes, with an emphasis on fresh, tropical flavours. Sink your teeth into everything from freshly caught seafood to staple delights like rice, complementing your culinary journey with exotic fruit and sumptuous desserts. Dining at Treasure Island is not just about satisfying your appetite, it’s about enriching your travel experience with every bite.

Activities & Entertainment

At the heart of a memorable holiday on Treasure Island Resort are the diverse and engaging activities available. Whether you fancy solo adventures, family fun, or romantic downtime, there’s a slice of entertainment for everyone.

Onsite Activities

Your stay isn’t complete without exploring the onsite activities available. Fancy a game of tennis? You can serve and volley to your heart’s content on the resort’s tennis court. Whilst for a more relaxed pace, revel in the tranquility of spa treatments or bask beside the pool with your favourite book.

  • Tennis Court: Brush up your backhand or start from scratch.
  • Spa Treatments: A variety of soothing services designed for pampering and relaxation.
  • Poolside Lounging: Featuring a three-tiered swimming pool perfect for a leisurely swim.

Water Sports & Adventures

Treasure Island is encircled by crystal-clear waters beckoning for underwater exploration. You can dive into snorkeling delight or venture further with available diving excursions to witness the vibrant marine life. Thrill-seekers might gravitate towards the array of water sports or a visit to the turtle sanctuary where you can meet hawksbill turtles up close.

  • Snorkeling & Diving: Get face-to-fin with Fiji’s rich sea life.
  • Water Sports: From jet-skiing to parasailing, your adventure awaits.
  • Turtle Sanctuary: Meet the ocean’s gentle hawksbill turtles.

Kids & Family

For those holidaying with little ones, Treasure Island Resort is a family holiday dream. The Little Treasures Kids Club offers a haven where kids can engage in fun activities under watchful eyes, giving parents some well-earned downtime. Babysitting services are also available for when you crave that extra peace of mind.

  • Little Treasures Kids Club: Fun-filled activities for kids in a safe environment.
  • Babysitting Services: Reliable care when you need time for yourself or a romantic escape.

Evening Entertainment

As day transforms into night, the island comes alive with stirring live music and authentic Fijian entertainment. Unwind with a tropical cocktail in hand, as you sway to the rhythms or be mesmerised by traditional performances under the stars.

  • Live Music: Serenades to accompany your sunset gazing.
  • Fijian Performances: Experience the local culture with captivating evening shows.
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Resort Facilities & Services

Treasure Island Resort in Fiji offers an array of top-notch facilities and services designed to enhance your stay. Whether you’re looking to relax at the spa, tie the knot with a beautiful beach wedding, or take advantage of the additional amenities, you’re in for a treat.

Wellness & Spa

At the heart of relaxation, Senikai Spa, a sanctuary for wellness, beckons. Picture yourself unwinding with a rejuvenating spa treatment, surrounded by gentle island breezes and the soft sound of waves. The spa is fitted with ceiling fans to keep the tropical warmth at bay while you enjoy a serene retreat.

Weddings & Honeymoons

Dreaming of a romantic Fiji wedding or a blissful honeymoon? Treasure Island Resort caters to your every wish. The resort provides bespoke wedding services that make your special day effortless. From exchanging vows on powdery sands to celebrating under the stars, your wedding or honeymoon here promises to be unforgettable.

Additional Amenities

Treasure Island doesn’t just stop at relaxation and romance. Take a dip in the swimming pool, savor a snack at the Deli, or sip a cocktail at the Takia Bar, conveniently located at the Water’s Edge. The staff are known for their friendly service, always on hand to ensure your island experience is nothing short of remarkable.

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Beachfront Experience

As you step onto the soft, white sands of Treasure Island Resort, you’re immediately greeted by stunning ocean views and an array of options for both relaxation and aquatic adventure.

Beach Amenities

Your beach experience is enhanced with numerous amenities designed to maximise your comfort and enjoyment. Picture yourself lounging in a hammock, swaying gently with a cool drink in hand, or nestling into a premium beachfront bure with direct access to the tranquil beach. The pristine condition of the beach at Treasure Island, characterised by its soft, inviting sand and its complement to the crystal-clear waters, adds to the charm of your stay.

Ocean Leisure

Embrace the call of the sea by diving into an underwater escapade. With vibrant coral reefs just a stone’s throw away, your day could be filled with snorkelling sessions where you can mingle with colourful reef fish. Additionally, Treasure Island’s focus on marine conservation is evident in their efforts, like the informative on-site turtle rehabilitation centre.

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Guest Experiences & Reviews

When you’re looking at a holiday retreat like Treasure Island Resort, you’ll want to hear from others who’ve had a firsthand experience. Most guests rave about the relaxation and natural beauty that the resort offers, with its gorgeous beaches and turquoise waters.

Here’s a summary of what guests typically think:

  • Accommodation: The bures are noted for their contemporary wooden furnishings. Each comes with a patio and a hammock that’s just perfect for a bit of a lie-down.
  • Amenities: Amenities, which include a fantastic kids club and a baby turtle sanctuary, are often highlighted as excellent and add value to your stay.
  • Dining: Variety and quality of food received mixed reviews, so you may find either a delightful or an average culinary experience.
  • Staff: The friendliness and helpfulness of the staff seem to consistently impress guests.

Guest ratings, on platforms such as Tripadvisor, often reflect a high level of satisfaction, with many reviews giving the resort a 4 out of 5 rating.

While opinions on decor and style vary, with some finding the lack of local Fijian charm a miss, the consensus is that the resort offers a great balance between fun for the whole family and opportunities for you to relax. Your experience will ultimately hinge on what you’re seeking from your Fijian holiday, but most guests leave with fond memories and a refreshed spirit.

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Eco-Friendly Initiatives

At Treasure Island Resort, you’ll find that environmental care is a priority with a range of eco-friendly initiatives aimed at preserving the natural beauty of Fiji.

  • Turtle Sanctuary: The resort operates a dedicated turtle sanctuary to protect and rehabilitate sea turtles, giving you an opportunity to witness these graceful creatures up close while they get a helping hand towards survival.

Towards Sustainability:

  • Renewable energy sources are utilised where feasible to reduce the carbon footprint.
  • Waste management systems are in place to ensure efficient recycling and reduction.

Engaging with Nature:

  • Reef Protection: Active measures are taken to preserve the surrounding reef, a critical habitat for marine life.
  • Educational programs are offered to guests to increase awareness regarding local ecosystems and sustainable practices.

Community Involvement:

  • The resort collaborates with local communities fostering mutually beneficial relationships and sustainable economic growth.

By choosing to stay at Treasure Island Resort, you’re not just treating yourself to a slice of paradise; you’re supporting a future where tourism and environmental stewardship go hand in hand.

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Booking Information

When you’re considering a stay at the fabulous Treasure Island Resort in Fiji, it’s essential to know your accommodation options to ensure you get the best value. The resort offers a range of traditional Fijian-styled villas, known as ‘Bures’, which have been thoughtfully renovated to provide a comfortable and authentic island experience.

Accommodation Options:

  • Standard Bures: Ideal for couples or small families
  • Oceanview Bures: Offers stunning views of the surrounding waters
  • Beachfront Bures: Situated right on the beach for that perfect sunrise
  • Premium Bures: Larger spaces with additional luxury features

Here’s a simple guide on how to book your stay:

  1. Check Availability:

  2. Select Your Bure:

    • Based on who you’re travelling with, select a bure that meets your space and privacy needs.
  3. Book Your Stay:

    • Complete your booking through the resort’s website or your chosen comparison platform.
    • Look out for special offers and discounts that might apply for advance bookings or longer stays.

Remember, Treasure Island Resort is a popular destination, so make sure to book early, especially if you plan on visiting during peak seasons!

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Travel Tips

When planning a trip to Treasure Island Resort, remembering a few key tips can make your journey smoother. You’re probably excited about the pristine waters and the vibrant island culture, but being prepared is essential.

Getting There: Your adventure to Treasure Island begins at Port Denarau, a major gateway for travellers to the Mamanucas. It’s wise to schedule your boat transfer in advance as it’s a popular departure point and services can fill up quickly.

  • Climate: Pack light, breathable clothing. Fiji is generally warm and humid, but it’s always a good idea to bring a waterproof jacket for unexpected showers.
  • Hydration: Tap water might not be safe everywhere, so consider bottled water or a personal filter for your hydration needs.
Sun ProtectionSunscreen SPF50+, hat, sunglasses
Insect RepellantTo keep the mozzies at bay
Water SafetyAlways swim with a buddy

Health & Safety: Keep a travel first-aid kit handy. While the resort is equipped to handle minor injuries, it’s always better to be prepared.

Money Matters: Have some Fijian dollars for small purchases. While the resort accepts credit cards, local markets and smaller vendors may not.

Cultural Etiquette: Fijians are warm and respectful. When interacting with locals, a smile and a friendly ‘Bula!’ goes a long way.

Remember these tips, and you’re on your way to an unforgettable stay at Treasure Island Resort. Embrace the journey, and treasure every moment!

Local Attractions

If you’re staying at the Treasure Island Resort, you’ll find plenty to do right on your doorstep in the stunning Mamanuca Islands.

Explore the Seas:

  • Snorkelling – Discover vibrant coral reefs
  • Diving – Experience up-close encounters with marine life

Adventure on Land:

  • Island Walks – Trek around the island to uncover hidden spots
  • Mini Golf – Have fun with the whole family

Cultural Engagement:

  • Village Tours – Immerse yourself in traditional Fijian culture

Conservation Efforts:

  • Turtle Rehabilitation Centre – Learn about wildlife protection

Treasure Island Resort is nestled within the idyllic Mamanuca Islands, famous for their crystal-clear waters and stunning coral reefs. Your visit wouldn’t be complete without exploring the underwater world that’s teeming with tropical fish — a snorkelling trip is a must-do. For those more adventurous, diving trips offer a deeper immersion into Fiji’s marine biodiversity.

Your time on land is just as captivating, with island paths that invite you for leisurely strolls. If you’re travelling with family, the resort’s mini golf course adds a playful twist to your day.

Cultural experiences are also rich here, with opportunities to visit the local villages and engage with the traditional ways of the Fijian people. This is a unique chance to understand the heart of the islands.

Considering the environment, you can participate in conservation education by visiting the on-site turtle rehabilitation centre, where the resort’s efforts in marine life preservation truly shine.

Cultural Insights

When you visit Treasure Island Resort, you’re not just stepping onto a picturesque tropical paradise, you’re immersing yourself in the rich tapestry of Fijian culture. The island and resort are steeped in a heritage that’s a delightful blend, largely influenced by Melanesian and Polynesian traditions.

  • Welcoming Spirit: Fijians are renowned for their warm hospitality. Upon arrival, expect a hearty “Bula!” which is more than just a greeting; it’s an expression of the joy of life.

  • Traditional Fijian Bures: The resort accommodations, known as bures, offer you an authentic island living experience. These traditional Fijian huts, recently renovated, provide comfort while retaining cultural authenticity.

  • Local Ownership and Employment: The resort is unique, with 100% local ownership by the Nakelo Clan. This provides you with an authentic Fijian experience, as the staff share their stories and way of life.

  • Cultural Performances: Enjoy vibrant cultural performances that bring Fijian legends and history to life. You might find yourself swaying to the music or even participating in traditional dances.

Community and Conservation: Your stay also supports marine conservation, with Nakelo Treasure Island Resort actively encouraging the protection of the island’s natural wonders, including baby Hawksbill Turtles.

Remember, your visit to Treasure Island Resort isn’t just a chance to relax; it’s an opportunity to connect with the heartbeat of Fijian culture.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re considering a stay at Treasure Island Resort in Fiji, there are common queries that many guests, like yourself, may have. This section aims to answer these questions based on what past guests have experienced and the information available from the resort.

How do guests rate their stay at Treasure Island Resort in Fiji?

Guest feedback typically highlights the resort as a family-friendly destination with a private island appeal. Reviews often commend the beautiful beaches and clear turquoise waters that surround the accommodations.

Can you provide information on the facilities at Treasure Island Resort for families?

Treasure Island Resort is well-equipped to cater to families, offering spacious, recently renovated Villas, known as ‘Bures’, that are designed to accommodate both small and large groups, providing a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

What are some of the standout features of Treasure Island Resort in Fiji?

The resort is recognised for its stunning location within a marine sanctuary, which ensures an immersive experience with a vast array of marine life and colourful coral reefs, making it an unforgettable holiday spot.

Could you tell me the size and walking time around Treasure Island Resort?

Treasure Island is small and intimate, allowing you to walk its circumference comfortably. You can amble around the entire island, enjoying the scenic views, in just 30 minutes.

How many resorts can one find on Treasure Island, and how do they compare?

There is a single resort on Treasure Island, and it’s owned 100% by the traditional landowners, the Nakelo Clan. The Nakelo Treasure Island Resort & Spa stands out for its authentic Fijian hospitality and commitment to cultural heritage.

What are the best ways to get in touch with the Treasure Island Fiji resort for inquiries?

The most direct way to make inquiries is to contact the resort through their official website or via phone. They offer a personalised service to assist with your travel and accommodation needs.