Lomani Island Resort in Fiji is Perfect for Couples

If you’re looking for a tropical island romantic getaway, the couples-focussed, adults-only Lomani Island Resort was made for you! Nestled among the palm-fringed beaches and crystal-clear waters of Fiji’s Mamanuca Islands, Lomani Island Resort offers an idyllic escape for those seeking a tranquil and romantic getaway. With its adults-only policy, the resort ensures a peaceful and intimate experience, perfect for couples looking to reconnect or celebrate a special occasion. From the moment you arrive, the gentle sea breeze and warm Fijian hospitality promise to make your stay unforgettable.

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The resort boasts a variety of accommodations, including spacious suites and traditional Fijian bures, all designed with privacy and comfort in mind. You can spend your days indulging in a wide range of activities, from snorkelling among vibrant coral reefs to exploring the island on a bicycle. Or, simply relax on the secluded beaches with nothing but the sound of the waves to accompany you. With fine dining options showcasing local cuisine and an array of services catered to your every need, Lomani Island Resort is a perfect blend of Fijian charm and luxury.

Key Takeaways

  • Lomani Island Resort provides a serene adults-only environment in Fiji’s Mamanuca Islands.
  • Accommodation options include modern amenities blended with traditional Fijian design.
  • A diverse selection of activities complements the peaceful relaxation opportunities on offer.

About Lomani Island Resort

Lomani Island Resort offers you an exclusive adults-only experience with a touch of luxury on the serene shores of Malolo Lailai Island. You’ll find yourself enveloped in a romantic atmosphere, with access to a private beach and tailored facilities ensuring a peaceful getaway.

Location and Accessibility

Nestled on Malolo Lailai Island, Lomani Island Resort is a charming boutique resort easily accessible via a 20-minute taxi ride from Nadi International Airport to Port Denarau, followed by a short trip on a high-speed catamaran. Here’s what you can expect when you stay, including details on the resort’s perfect blend of seclusion and convenience.

Accommodation Options

Your stay can be as indulgent as you desire with a selection of beachfront bures, deluxe suites, and hibiscus suites. Each option features exposed wooden beams and Fijian designs to enhance your tropical escape. For a heightened experience, some deals include special perks like tropical massages and romantic dinners on the beach. Discover unbeatable ocean views and privacy while you explore which accommodation suits your fancy.

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Resort Facilities

Unwind by the luxurious pool or pamper yourself at the Lomani Spa. Enjoy exquisite dining at the Flame Tree Restaurant offering a range of international and local cuisines, or relax with a handcrafted drink at the cocktail bar. Accommodation is just the beginning of your immersive Fijian holiday; every facility is designed to make your stay memorable. Learn more about these tempting amenities and how you can enjoy every moment at Lomani Island Resort.

Rooms and Bures

At Lomani Island Resort, your stay is defined by luxury and intimacy, granting you a personal slice of paradise. Choose from their selection of Beachfront Bures, Deluxe Suites, and Hibiscus Suites, each crafted to make your Fijian getaway truly memorable with unparalleled privacy and exquisite ocean views.

Beachfront Bures

Your Beachfront Bure welcomes you with genuine custom mahogany furnishings and expansive sun decks. Just footsteps away from the white-sand beach, these 65sqm spaces are perfect for enjoying your morning coffee or an afternoon cocktail while soaking up the serene ocean vista.

  • Features:
    • Ocean Views: Directly facing Malolo Lailai bay
    • Privacy: Secluded setting for a tranquil experience
    • Size: Spacious 65sqm
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Deluxe Suites

In the Deluxe Suites, experience an elevated sense of comfort and style. These suites blend modern amenities with traditional Fijian design, often featuring both indoor and outdoor showers for that unique touch of island living.

  • Amenities:
    • Luxury: High-end fittings and plush bedding
    • Outdoor Showers: Private and refreshing open-air showers
    • Design: Fusion of contemporary and Fijian décor

Hibiscus Suites

The Hibiscus Suites are a peaceful haven adorned with frangipani and hibiscus, exuding tropical elegance. Here, you’ll enjoy spacious interiors and the gentle sound of the waves lulling you to sleep.

  • Highlights:
    • Flora: Surrounded by lush Fijian greenery
    • Style: Luxurious yet understated island charm
    • Ambience: Quiet and romantic atmosphere
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Activities and Experiences

Lomani Island Resort offers a myriad of opportunities to enjoy the natural beauty of Fiji. Whether you’re gliding over the clear blue seas or exploring the lush landscape, your days can be filled with adventure and relaxation alike.

Water-Based Activities

Snorkelling – Immerse yourself in the underwater world with snorkelling trips that showcase vibrant coral reefs just a stone’s throw away from the resort. If you fancy a guided experience, join a dolphin safari where these friendly creatures are often spotted.

Kayaking and surfing – Paddle through the calm, azure waters of Malolo Lailai Bay with a kayak or catch the perfect wave in Fiji’s renowned surf spots. For the thrill-seekers, diving excursions are available, offering a deeper look into the stunning marine life.

Fishing – Try your hand at some fishing; whether it’s deep-sea or just off the shore, it’s a delightful way to spend your morning or afternoon.

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Land Excursions

Golf Course – Take a swing at the nine-hole course available on the island, where the greens are as picturesque as they are challenging.

Island Tours – Explore the scenic beauty of the island with guided tours that will take you through the winding paths and stunning views that Lomani and Malolo Lailai have to offer.

Cultural Tours

Village Tour – Gain insights into the Fijian way of life with a village tour. Here, you’ll experience traditional customs, meet the locals, and understand the communal spirit of Fiji.

Each experience is designed to connect you with the stunning natural environment and rich culture of Fiji. Whether you’re seeking adventure on the waters or a leisurely stroll on the white-sand beach, your time at Lomani Island Resort promises to be unforgettable.

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Dining at Lomani

Feast your senses on the sumptuous dining experiences at Lomani Island Resort, where you’re treated to a blend of local Fijian cuisine and international flavours. Let’s take you through the resort’s dining offerings.

Flame Tree Restaurant

At the Flame Tree Restaurant, you’ll indulge in a menu that’s bursting with the delicious flavours of the Pacific Rim. Savour fresh seafood and locally sourced ingredients, including fruits, vegetables, poultry, and the finest imported meats. Gaze upon the stunning Malolo Lailai Bay as you enjoy the culinary creations by head chef Pranesh Gounder.

Private Dining Experiences

For those seeking a more intimate setting, the Resort’s private dining experiences are a perfect choice. Immerse in the romance of a sandbank picnic, where you can relish your meal as the tide recedes and reveals the stunning sandbanks just off the resort’s shoreline.

Cocktail Bar

The Cocktail Bar is your go-to spot for unwinding with a refreshing drink. Whether before dinner or after a day exploring the island, sip on expertly mixed cocktails made with tropical flair. You’ll find a selection of both classic drinks and inventive concoctions that capture the island’s spirit.

Remember, these dining experiences are all crafted to enhance your stay at Lomani Island Resort, ensuring every meal is as memorable as the views.

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Resort Services

When planning your stay at Lomani Island Resort, familiarise yourself with the seamless and attentive services offered to ensure a memorable and stress-free holiday experience.

Booking and Reservations

To secure your tropical getaway at Lomani Island Resort, simply hop online and visit their booking page. You’ll find a range of offers to suit your preferences, from oceanfront bures to deluxe suites. Your booking process is made easy, and if you need a hand, you can always get in touch with the dedicated resort team via their contact details provided.

Customer Service

At Lomani Island Resort, impeccable customer service is just the beginning of your extraordinary stay. Once you arrive, you’ll be greeted with warmth and hospitality, characteristic of Fijian culture. Should you need anything during your stay, their attentive staff are on hand to assist you 24/7, ensuring that your every need is catered for.

Privacy and Policies

Your privacy is taken seriously at Lomani Island Resort. Rest assured that your personal information is handled with the utmost respect and in compliance with stringent privacy policies. When you make a reservation, you can trust that your details are protected. For a detailed understanding of how your data is used, you can review their straightforward privacy policy. It’s recommended that you familiarise yourself with these policies, so you know exactly how your information is managed.

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Special Occasions

Lomani Island Resort is a place where memories are made and special occasions are celebrated with style. Whether you’re looking to tie the knot with the ocean as your backdrop or seeking a secluded haven for your honeymoon, Lomani provides an idyllic setting that caters to your every need.


Your dream wedding awaits on the soft, white sands of Lomani Island Resort. Here, you can exchange vows at a beachfront location with the stunning Pacific Ocean panoramas. The resort can organise everything from a Fijian warrior escort to a serenading choir. You’ll find a range of packages tailored to suit your needs, ensuring your special day is effortless and unforgettable.

Honeymoons and Romantic Getaways

Celebrate your honeymoon in the intimate surroundings of Lomani’s beachfront pool bures. With only a limited number of these adult-only accommodations available, your privacy is guaranteed. The resort’s romantic atmosphere is perfect for newlyweds or those looking to rekindle their passion. Luxuriate in couple’s massages, indulge in private dinners under the stars, and create lifetime memories in this lovers’ paradise.

Latest Updates

Keeping you informed on the freshest happenings, Lomani Island Resort always surprises with engaging news and attractive offers.

News and Events

Lomani Island Resort invites you to experience the very best of Fiji hospitality, with recent accolades by the World Travel and Tourism Council recognising Fiji as a ‘Safe Travels’ destination. Make sure your holiday coincides with the vibrant events tailored for a memorable escape. Find out more at the COVID-19 Update – Lomani Island Resort.

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Resort Offers and Promotions

Your perfect Fiji holiday awaits with special promotions currently available at Lomani Island Resort. You can indulge in a romantic getaway with exclusive discounts tailored for two. For the latest deals, visit LOMANI ISLAND RESORT: 2024 Prices & Reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

Planning your trip to Lomani Island Resort is an exciting venture, and we know you’ve got questions. In this section, you’ll find helpful information that addresses the most common inquiries from guests.

What are the best activities for couples at Lomani Island Resort?

You will find an array of romantic activities at Lomani Island Resort, including snorkelling in the clear coral reefs, indulging in spa treatments, or enjoying the tranquillity of a private beachside dinner.

What should guests expect regarding dining options at Lomani Island Resort?

Expect to be treated to a selection of gourmet dining options that highlight local Fijian cuisine with a modern twist, all crafted with fresh, local ingredients.

Could you provide directions on how to reach Lomani Island Resort?

To reach Lomani Island Resort, you’ll take a 20-minute taxi from Nadi International Airport to Port Denarau. From there, a high-speed catamaran provides four daily departures directly to the resort.

How does Lomani Island Resort compare to other accommodations in Fiji?

Compared to other options, Lomani Island Resort stands out as an adult-only retreat, offering a more secluded and intimate experience with a focus on tranquillity and romance.

What are the unique features that Lomani Island Resort offers to its guests?

Lomani Island Resort boasts a range of unique features, including its intimate setting with only 30 rooms, oceanfront bures, and an adult-only policy, ensuring a serene getaway.

What is the significance of the name ‘Lomani’ in the context of the resort?

The name ‘Lomani’ means ‘love’ in Fijian, reflecting the resort’s romantic ambiance and dedication to creating a love-filled experience for couples seeking a memorable escape.