The Pearl Resort in Fiji is being Upgraded but Still Open!

The pool and some other amenities at The Pearl Resort are undergoing renovations at the moment but you can still stay whilst work is ongoing! Standing on the picturesque Coral Coast of Fiji, The Pearl Resort is an enchanting retreat inviting travellers to indulge in its luxurious offerings. Famous for its postcard-perfect beaches and natural allure, Fiji is home to this gem that provides a tranquil escape complemented by awe-inspiring views of the Pacific Ocean. If you’re seeking an immersive holiday experience that weaves in adventure, leisure, and Fijian culture, understanding what The Pearl Resort has to offer will enhance your getaway plans.

Fiji High The Pearl Resort

With a fusion of modern amenities and traditional Fijian hospitality, The Pearl Resort caters to the discerning needs of every guest. You’ll discover a wide range of facilities that promise absolute comfort, from accommodations flaunting oceanic panoramas to a premium spa that beckons with rejuvenating treatments. Whether you prefer lounging by the pool or engaging in a plethora of activities, such as golf or water sports, the resort ensures that your stay is as exhilarating or relaxing as you desire.

Key Takeaways

  • The Pearl Resort is a luxurious escape set amidst Fiji’s stunning natural beauty.
  • A comprehensive suite of amenities and activities caters to both relaxation and adventure-seekers.
  • Authentic Fijian culture is at the heart of the resort’s exceptional hospitality experience.

Discovering The Pearl Resort

In your search for that perfect Fijian getaway, you’ve probably come across an upscale retreat known as The Pearl Resort, renowned for its features and stunning beach location in the Pacific Harbour, close to Suva.

Resort Overview

The Pearl Resort beckons you with its modern blend of elegance and tropical adventure. Here, you’ll find yourself surrounded by comfortably furnished rooms that boast flat-screen TVs and mini-fridges. Crave more luxury? Some rooms offer panoramic ocean views, ensuring that your stay is as mesmerising as the surrounding landscape. The resort isn’t just about plush bedding and breezy balconies; it’s a full entertainment package with an 18-hole golf course, a pool complete with a swim-up bar, and an inviting day spa to unwind after your day’s adventures.

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Location and Accessibility

Nestled on Fiji’s Coral Coast, The Pearl Resort offers both seclusion and easy access to vibrant cultural experiences. Your adventure begins about an hour’s drive from Nadi, making the resort readily accessible upon arrival into Fiji. Right on the Pacific Harbour, you’re positioned perfectly for water sports and exploration. And, if you feel like soaking up some local culture or exploring urban life, Suva, Fiji’s capital, is just a short drive away. This proximity to urban conveniences and pristine natural beauty offers you a unique blend of experiences during your stay.

Accommodations and Facilities

Your experience at The Pearl Resort is set to be one with serene views, modern comforts, and facilities designed for both relaxation and adventure.

Types of Rooms

At The Pearl Resort, you’ve got a variety of room options to cater to your tastes and needs. Choose from garden view rooms, which offer lush, tropical surroundings, ocean view rooms that provide stunning vistas of the Pacific, or indulge in the penthouse suites for a touch of luxury with expansive space and elevated amenities.

Renovations and Upgrades

Keen to keep up with contemporary comfort, The Pearl Resort has been going through a series of renovations. Remarkably, the adult-only pool is set for upgrades from the 1st to the 8th of March 2024. During this time, you’ll receive a daily resort drink voucher to enjoy, ensuring your stay remains enjoyable.

Resort Services and Amenities

Your stay is enhanced with exceptional services and amenities. Dive into relaxation with the outdoor pool and swim-up bar, or pamper yourself at The Pearl day spa. If you’re feeling active, take a swing at the 18-hole golf course. To meet your dining needs, the resort boasts a choice of restaurants, promising delicious cuisine to sate your appetite.

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Activities and Experiences

At The Pearl Resort, you’re in for a delight with an array of water sports and leisure activities that cater to both the adrenaline junkie and the relaxation seeker. Whether you’re looking to plunge into the deep blue or simply unwind, you’ll find an experience that suits your pace.

Water Sports Adventures

Prepare to dive into excitement with water-based activities that make the most of Fiji’s pristine waters.

  • Snorkelling: Immerse yourself in an underwater spectacle, with vibrant coral reefs awaiting just a short swim away.
  • Diving: Explore deeper realms as you dive amidst the marine life. Courses and excursions are available for both beginners and certified divers.
  • Shark Diving: For an unforgettable adventure, don’t miss the shark diving experiences. You’ll witness these fascinating creatures in their natural habitat, an absolutely thrilling encounter.

Leisure and Recreation

On the flip side, The Pearl Resort offers leisure activities that are all about relaxation and enjoyment at your own pace.

  • Golf: Enjoy a round of golf at the resort’s 18-hole championship course, designed to challenge and please golf enthusiasts of all levels.
  • Spa: Treat yourself to a pampering session at the resort’s spa, where tranquillity and bliss await.
  • Relaxation by the Pool: If a laid-back day is what you’re after, the resort’s swimming pool with a swim-up bar is the perfect spot to unwind and sip on a cool drink.

Each activity is a chance to create lasting memories in Fiji’s tropical paradise. Whether you’re gazing at the teeming life below the waves or simply soaking up the sublime setting, your time at The Pearl Resort is certain to be a highlight of your Fiji adventure.

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Dining at The Pearl Resort

When you’re staying at The Pearl Resort, you can look forward to a blend of casual and fine dining options, each offering distinct flavours and experiences that showcase local Fijian cuisine.

Restaurant Options

Pool Bar
For a casual dining experience, head to the Pool Bar where you can revel in the comfort of a cool, refreshing drink or an expertly-crafted cocktail. Their snack menu and wood-fired pizzas are perfect for those laid-back afternoons by the pool.

Local Cuisine Highlights

Fijian Delicacies
Seize the opportunity to try traditional Fijian dishes that are rich in flavour and culture. Look out for local seafood dishes that are often the highlight at any Fijian dining table. Consider the resorts close to natural and cultural sites, such as Beqa Island, which influence the gastronomic experiences on offer.

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Planning Your Visit

When you’re looking to soak up some sun and indulge in Fijian hospitality, planning your visit to The Pearl Resort & Spa is as exciting as it is important. You’ll want to consider the climate and what experiences you hope to enjoy to ensure your holiday is as perfect as it can be.

Best Times to Visit

The ideal time to visit The Pearl Resort & Spa is during the cooler months from May to October. This period, known as the ‘Fiji winter’, offers pleasant temperatures and lower humidity. It’s perfect for enjoying outdoor activities such as golf at The Pearl’s 18-hole golf course or exploring the local marine life.

  • May to October: Cooler climate, less rainfall, and peak visibility for diving.
  • November to April: Warmer and more humid with higher chances of rain, but the resort still offers a great getaway.

Travel Tips

  • Currency: Fiji uses Fijian Dollars (FJD), so ensure you have local currency, especially for smaller purchases.
  • Getting There: Located in Pacific Harbour, it’s a convenient trip whether you are coming from Nadi or Suva.
  • Local Attractions: Make time to see the famous Beqa Lagoon and experience uncaged shark diving; it’s a must for adventure seekers!
  • Health & Safety: Fiji is generally safe, but always keep an eye on your belongings and use sunscreen for those sunny days.

Remember to book accommodations and activities in advance, especially during the peak travel season, to secure your spot in paradise at The Pearl Resort & Spa.

Sustainable Tourism and Community

When you visit The Pearl Resort in Fiji, you’re not just experiencing a luxurious getaway; you’re also participating in a movement towards sustainable tourism that supports local communities.

Environmental Initiatives

The Pearl Resort is deeply committed to preserving Fiji’s pristine environment. You’ll notice that energy conservation practices are in place, including the use of solar panels and energy-efficient lighting throughout the resort. In addition, the resort implements water-saving measures that help conserve Fiji’s valuable water resources.

  • Waste Management: Recycling and composting programs are diligently followed to reduce the resort’s environmental impact.
  • Local Ecosystem: Efforts are made to protect the local coral reefs and marine life, to ensure that they continue to thrive for generations to come.

Supporting Local Communities

Embracing the Fijian spirit of ‘vana’ (sharing), your stay at The Pearl Resort directly benefits nearby communities.

  • Employment Opportunities: The majority of the resort staff are Fijian, providing essential jobs and skills training to the local population.
  • Local Sourcing: By choosing to utilise local suppliers for fresh ingredients and hand-crafted goods, The Pearl Resort ensures that your tourist dollars contribute positively to the local economy.

Frequently Asked Questions

When planning your stay at The Pearl Resort, you’ve likely got a few questions about what awaits you. These frequent queries should give you a clear picture of the resort’s offerings and help tailor your Fijian getaway to perfection.

What sort of amenities can guests expect at The Pearl Resort?

You can look forward to a range of amenities including a spa, golf course, and private beach access. The resort is nestled amongst lush tropical gardens, providing a serene environment to relax. For more details on the resort’s amenities, visit The Pearl Resort, Spa & Golf Course.

How does the dining experience at The Pearl Resort cater to different dietary requirements?

The dining options at The Pearl Resort are known to cater to various dietary needs, ensuring that you can enjoy delicious meals regardless of your dietary restrictions. The exact details can be found by reading the comprehensive review at’s The Pearl Resort Review.

What are the price ranges for the accommodation options available at The Pearl Resort?

Prices for accommodations at The Pearl Resort can vary, but to give you an idea, rates have been known to start from around AU$170 per night. For the most recent pricing, take a look at Tripadvisor’s listings for The Pearl Resort & Spa.

Could you provide details on how to contact The Pearl Resort for booking inquiries?

For personal assistance and to address specific inquiries, you can get in touch with The Pearl Resort directly. Contact information is readily available through their official accommodation page.

What wedding packages does The Pearl Resort offer for couples looking to get married in Fiji?

The Pearl Resort offers specially curated wedding packages for couples. These packages are designed to provide a romantic and unforgettable ceremony in Fiji’s beautiful setting. For a detailed look at what’s available, it’s best to contact the resort via their official page.

Are there any recent guest reviews I can read about their stay at The Pearl Resort?

Certainly, to get a sense of other travellers’ experiences, you can find a collection of recent reviews on platforms like Tripadvisor. Here, guests share their honest feedback, which could prove helpful for you to read through before making a decision. Check out The Pearl Resort & Spa reviews on Tripadvisor.